Technology and stress!

in ecoTrainlast year

There are so many gadgets, sites, and ways nowadays to make our life easier. But I guess, at the end of the day you will also agree that all this thing doesn't work. It's not because the gadgets are not good enough rather we sometimes fail to choose what we need!



Remember, technology is here to make our life easy and it must not make us stressed. So when the opposite happens we should be concerned. You can take a look at your life to evaluate if it's really helping you. This process is not very tough. Put a little intentional effort to understand whether you are happy with your tech usage, whether it's making you comfortable.

We have to understand the difference between appliances and digital devices. If you find yourself struggling to decide in what way you should use tech, then I would suggest you take a break. In other words, you can take digital detox!

Being away from your digital devices and digital things can be helpful to find your roots of stress. You will wonder noticing how all these things impact our mental health, sleep, and overall wellbeing. Using too much technology in daily life impacts on our relationship and connection with society. You will probably feel like 'missing out'.

You see, this is not a single thing we should concern about. Digital life and technology come with a lot of stress. Especially the continuous pressure to be updated, connected, and informed. If you manage to get away from this and connect with your offline life more, then you surely can cherish life more and feel less stressed!