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Hello friends, hope all of you will be healthy and efficient and will be living a life of peace in your life.

Friends, my topic today is my childhood .

This topic I am talking about not only my own but the childhood of all people, it may be someone's childhood or someone's childhood, but most people may have the same childhood.ΰ₯€

Whenever I see a young child, I feel that if I have life, I believe in such a small child whose age 5.6 Within the year, the society, the world is not aware of anything, and it is just in its own fun.

This is why many famous poets in India, who have presented childhood memories in some of their lines, are one of those poets who I liked their line quite well, their line is as follows ΰ₯€

Let fly the birds in the air now

Do not come back to childhood

    ## Bashir Badra

We miss our childhood by spending some time with the same children

Nowadays, there are many types of discrimination in society, high low casteism, away from all these things, children know something new about these things.

I am going to say a beautiful line. When I also fell, my eyes also came out of my eyes and my heart was very cold and my mind was also thinking Gone is that:

As a child, I used to play in every building.

Now we have identified which temple is it and the mosque is c.

It feels good to spend some time with my nephews.