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It is not everyone that is able to sleep easily, some people experience trouble sleeping and a common option is to use sleeping pills to enjoy sleeping at night. Sleeping pills are also used by people who are susceptible to waking up intermittently at night to help them in achieving a smooth and uninterrupted sleep. However, is sleeping pills the lasting solution to not being able to sleep and how long is a person going to take sleeping pills in order to get a good night rest?


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Most times, the lack of sleep at night may be due to a particular habit that you have formed overtime that have distorted your sleep pattern. Let's take for instance, a person that is fond of using his or her smartphone late in the night to watch movies or texting will be less likely to sleep easily at night because he or she may not decide to sleep until the movie has ended or the chat has come to an end. If this habit is repeated with time such person may have got used to that lifestyle that she'd not be able to sleep when she does not feel like seeing a movie or texting.

I have a friend who is always complaining about her inability to sleep at night. Each time she makes this complain I got to know that she keeps herself busy with her phone until she's able to sleep. It was at that point that I got a partial solution to her sleepless at night. I told her that she can not be complaining of not being able to sleep and she's using her phone all night. I advised her to try to stay away from her phone as much as possible and in no time she will be able to sleep when she closes her eyes rather than getting it busy by watching movies.

In as much as sleeping pills are helpful they pose a threat to a person on a long term because the users become dependent on them and may become addicted to it to the extent that they may not sleep if they haven't used it. There could be a cause for alarm especially when the sleeping pills have been consumed for a long period of time or overdose. This is the major reason why it is important to stay away from the pills by practicing a healthy lifestyle and one which I have personally discovered that works for me is to stay away from my smartphone, shut my eyes or even use a pillow or a piece of fabric to cover my eyes - it becomes easy for me to sleep when everywhere is dark. For me, that's like one of the best sleeping pills I can prescribe for anyone.

We all look forward to enjoying a good night rest but during those times when we find it difficult to sleep due to some factors such as stress, sleeping pills may be helpful but it could have negative effects if not used in the right proportion. Therefore, it is better to practice a healthy lifestyle.


That's why i quit the smart phone about 5 months ago. Best thing i ever done.

No more damn annoying social media, facebook, IG, tiktok, non of that crap. Just pure peace.

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Can confirm.

I've definitely been on the side of sleepless nights because of my phone.