Living life In A Spiritual And Technological World - EcoTrain Question Of The Week

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There have been many times in my life, when I have wanted to run away into the wilderness, to turn my back on the modern world and total immerse myself in nature. I so often talk about, how a more natural lifestyle is the one for me. And I stand by that. But, I use technology just like most other people. I live in a truck for a start and really enjoyed when I was living a nomadic lifestyle. On top that of that, I have been living off grid, with the help of my solar system, for the last 12 plus years.


Having that solar system has certainly made my life a lot easier and ensured I could remain pretty under the radar. I have gone a few years without a fridge, but living in a warmer climate, I was certainly glad when I finally got one. Yes there are alternatives, using clay pots, something I have used in the past and building a cold storage unit underground, (this I would like to try once I am living in a more permanent space). But for now, I am happy for the convenience of my fridge,that I can plug in to my inverter.


Living a spiritual life, using solar energy!

Yes I still see it as a luxury, but it’s a necessary one, when you have growing kids that need lots of nutritious food on hand. I also have an electric masticating juicer, which I love and a wonderful blender that was gifted to me last year on my birthday. Both of these things allow me to make super nourishing food and drinks. I love to make raw cakes and energy balls, and I have made them in the past using only my mortar and pestle. It certainly worked, but the process is really slow and as a single parent, time is precious.


My wonderful Mortar and Pestle being used by my children, to make almond butter

I am really grateful for the technology that I use in my life, sometimes I wish I was not so dependent on it. But to be honest, if I had to go without, I am confident that I could. I guess the life I do live, would allow that transition to be pretty painless and straightforward. I have spend most of my life, learning how to take more responsibility for my life and the life of my girls. Growing my own food and medicine and giving my girls and myself the freedom to explore and discover who they are.


Connecting with the wonderful folk on here, through my love for medicinal herbs.

Of course how can I talk about technology and not mention the fact that I am using it to write this, to share my truths and my messages. I have been on this blockchain for over 4 years now and it has supported me emotionally and financially. It has provided me with a platform in which I can connect with people from all over the world, people that I am happy and fortune enough, to call part of my tribe.


I am passionate about self empowerment and the many ways it impacts our lives. I am also passionate about free speech and having the opportunity to share my truth with people who do not actually share the same truth as me. I do not wish to only connect with people who are on the same page as me, I want to challenge myself and hopefully others and in doing so help spread awareness. Using this blockchain, has allowed me to do just that.

This week the wonderful EcoTrain community has asked....

Can Spirituality and Technology live together?


We are multi dimensional beings, so much more that the many labels and stereotypes that society likes to place upon us. As though, we can only ever be one thing, achieve one thing in our lifetime. Our possibilities are endless, once we learn to break out of the constraints that have been placed upon us, by those who believe they hold the power and by our very own hands at times.


We all have different ideas of what it means to be spiritual, and who indeed am I, to say which is right or wrong, for anyone but myself. I certainly see myself as being spiritual, because to me, it means connecting with your authentic self and that for me, is living as natural as I can. It is living in harmony with nature, the connection I feel to the earth when I am barefoot, when I have my hands immersed in her life giving soil. Or indeed when I close my eyes and open my heart. It is my life line!

We have been taught, that real spiritual people are above us, that they are unattainable, the chosen ones. An idea that was conceived, to keep us inside our boxes. But the divine is within us all. The only guides or gurus we need, our ourselves, United, not segregated by this idea of them and us! We are all connected. Whether we use technology or not.







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Growing my own food and medicine and giving my girls and myself the freedom to explore and discover who they are.

You have taken the very best path for sure - making them realize who they are - the key value that will automatically bring in responsibility - rest all they will grow themselves. So much of authentic feelings in the post - we can barely reach there. I always wished to do this but could never took that decision and firmly stick to live in harmony with nature - I know, this path is a bit difficult initially and once we cross that barrier, we would know the difference. Doing a job, earning good money and living in cities with all facilities seems to be an easy life but at one point of life, all these would feel immaterial. Unfortunately at that age, its impossible to go and build the sustainability.

It is never to late @sanjeevm, sure life can be harder in some ways, as we have to be responsible for so much more, but it is ultimately simpler as well, which is what we all deserve xxxx

It was a spiritual read, indeed ❤ @trucklife-family

As a single parent with two girls in a truck is too much a responsibility, where you have a lot to do to take care of yourself and your kids. Certainly, every single minute matters, and the technology helps saving time.

The point that you mentioned about being here through technology is something I can relate the most. It has brought empowerment to me too. I have found a way to express myself, and also to learn many new things sitting at home.

I have had some wonderful lessons in being easier on myself that is for sure. Thank you for your lovely comment @amberkashif xxxx


I love reading about how you have managed to live off-grid for so long. Personally, I think I would struggle but I find it very inspiring.

Nature for sure brings us closer to our authentic selves. Thanks for the reminder 💚

I think you would manage just fine @mamrita. Sending you lots of love xxx

People don't understand that Off grid life doesn't mean powerless, in all its different meanings ^^ it means more power

To answer your question, I think it's possible to use tech, and still stay spiritual. Of course our children will probably face different technological challenges, but as for now, it's possible to get the best of both worlds, the mortar and the electric juicer 😉

Yes more power indeed, more power for us! Yeah I am very happy to have both and I certainly make the most of it xxxxx

I respect your adventurous self I must confess . Living off the grid is something a feeble minded person can’t do, but you seem to do that effortlessly which has to be commended. Acclimatizing one’s self with nature is a form of spirituality for me. However, the fact one is spiritual does not mean one won’t accept the advantages technology provides. Technology is priceless!

Thanks @typebox for your feedback. Once you make the first steps in living off grid, it really is liberating xxxx

Well said ! I think all that matters is taking the first step .

nice to see you post this week! beautiful sharing as always! Sorry for the delay, covid finally got me! im ok now xx