QOTW #9.4: Can Spirituality and Technology Live Together? It believe it can.

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QOTW #9.4: Can Spirituality and Technology Live Together?


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I grew up in a Hindu household, and like other Hindu families, I was taught that there is a higher force, the creator who watches over us, the almighty, but as I grew older, my perspective changed with the advancement of technology, and I now have different spiritual beliefs than my family.

What exactly is spirituality?

It might have different connotations for different individuals. A notion that something bigger is responsible for our existence and that we are here this planet to serve a greater purpose.

Technology, on the other hand, adheres to scientific rules and logic, as well as the application of scientific information for practical goals.

Spirituality and technology, in my opinion, can coexist perfectly.
I believe that technology can aid in the propagation and practice of spirituality.

Because of technology, I see a lot of individuals who never believed in a higher force pursuing spirituality these days.

Because of scientific developments, individuals can experience spirituality in a way that they can relate to.

For example:

Meditation may appear challenging to novices, but thanks to technological advancements, we now have meditation applications that may assist individuals in practicing meditation.

We have religious music and chantings on the internet that technology has made simpler to locate, providing people what they need.
Spirituality may mean different things to different individuals.

Technology is one of the fastest developing and changing aspects of life today, which is both frightening and exciting.
It might have a favorable, negative, or neutral relationship with spirituality.

I'm not sure why I feel science and religion are similar on a fundamental level. Many people are likely to be perplexed by this subject. These two are equally crucial in the construction of a strong society. I'm not sure if I'm making any sense.

Excess of anything is undesirable, whether it's technology or spirituality; both may have harmful consequences.

A delicate balance must be struck. Balance, in my opinion, is the key.
I hope my response is understandable.



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