I Learned About Cryptocurrency and How It Works

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Let me state clearly from the start that I will not be writing about any technology-related post. I could have said Welding Technology, I did a diploma after my engineering degree. I could have said research on Flux technology helped stand me out in the world of welding technology.

I could have written about Artificial Intelligence, Welding Technology, Fundamentals of Marketing, or various other engineerings, or research and development-related topics, but I am going to tell you how I benefited from learning about cryptocurrency and how it worked wonders for me.

Please keep reading if you feel it makes sense

Isn't it funny? I knew nothing about cryptocurrencies until last year. Then people who knew me suggested that I could earn money by writing. I was in contact with a British writer. She encouraged me (like many others) to write for more websites. I was also in contact with a Pakistani cryptocurrency writer that was constantly telling me to try websites that pay in cryptocurrency despite my unwillingness to do so as I knew nothing about cryptocurrency.

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To make it short, I was in touch with some world-renowned photographers and writers. They all started writing for websites that paid in cryptocurrency. articles. I selected a few sites and posted some random articles. This was in June 2020, I earned some money by posting on a couple of websites. I posted a couple of featured posts on reading. cash and PublishOx. I had already joined Hive but wasn't a regular here.

Then I wondered, was cryptocurrency really that difficult to understand? I wasn't sure as I knew nothing about cryptocurrencies. Because I did my engineering in the machinal stream, writing about cryptocurrency was like writing codes for me.

But then I decided, I would try out some cryptocurrency-based websites. I was determined to learn all about cryptocurrency. It was exactly like I had decided to join marketing even if I had to go to a business school to obtain a PG Diploma in marketing.

That said, I was in Australia then, the land of promises, the land of possibilities, and the land that provides opportunities unlimited. I absolutely love the way people display their love and curiosity for everything, even if it's too small or absolutely nondescriptive. They know the art of converting nothing into something.

Sometimes even their modesty troubled me, but then I smiled and took it for their great behavior. Back to their dietary habits, for example, some people eat nothing but meat, and they didn’t even believe that I was a vegetarian. One of my colleagues eats meat only, uses nothing but his oven, meat, pepper, and salt.

He didn’t want to come to my house because he was not interested in the leaves and flowers that he believed I normally ate. And yes, he drank water sometimes, but mostly beer or wine, and, of course, whiskey and vodka. He was so fond of eating meat that he even carried steak in case he had to visit people like us.

Did I tell you that this year was a nightmare for me because I worked from home with no traveling, which is part of my job, giving me more reasons for disturbing moments than I had before the COVID-19 era? My wife is a professional in the education field, but she was comparatively better off since she took to the new life more easily and managed her online job professionally.

We had our workstations in separate rooms because we both had to talk with our workmates, so we had limited time chatting to each other apart from lunch or a break for coffee and snacks. She would call me from the other room, and my answer would be, "Let’s have something to eat." But she knows me better than that, so she will always give me a kiss flying all the way from the other room to mine.

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Well, what didn’t kill us but kept us still alive is okay!

I apparently had no trouble during my long stay in Australia. My wife and I have made hundreds of friends during the last ten years, and visiting and receiving them helped us a lot. Incidentally, my wife spent about 9 weeks in Melbourne looking after her sick friend and her daughter since her husband could not come back from the UK because of the COVID-19 travel restrictions.

Initially, my wife had gone to visit her friend for a few days, but then this border closure held her back for almost 9 weeks, which was a horrible experience for me that turned me into a writer. Meanwhile, I displayed some disturbing behavioral problems, but I soon overcame that with the help of my friends.

But why am I telling you this? I guess I was suffering from depression, but for the timely help from my friends and then diverting my interest to writing online, which was easy for me as I was already online for 10-12 hours. So adding a couple of hours more was not a big deal, especially while my wife was away in Melbourne.

I must admit that I was freaking mad for about 2-3 weeks and couldn‘t think positively during that time, but then my friends from Canada, the UK, and the US suggested I spend time on online writing sites, which helped me come out of that disappointing mindset. Now I remember the time when I couldn’t sleep for a few weeks.

I remember I was taking a couple of extra glasses of wine and beer, but that did more harm than helping my cause, so when I started writing for an online website, that helped me a great deal. No, I did not get any kind of kick from drinking that extra glass, but just a feeling of dullness, which was even more killing.

That was the time I realized that developing a dependency was not good for me. That’s right, I now know that I was a little too dependent on her. I probably still am, but I now know it’s not good.

It was like I was alone in the world with no place to go, no one to see in our big house, nothing to eat. Yes, I am a lousy cook, so my wife was the one cooking most of our meals. Now it was like someone saying something in my mind which had no meaning.

I was getting a strange feeling in my mind for all the time I was awake, and I was definitely awake for 20-21 hours for the best part of those 3 weeks. I couldn‘t sit or lie down or talk to my coworkers properly. So writing for various websites brought me back to life that made me feel better. I was enjoying my life with every published post. I wanted to stop and think, but I was enjoying writing, so just couldn’t stop. Life was back on track. Even after my wife was back home, I was still writing. I am still writing after 1 year and 4 months. And trust me, I am learning every day.

Life is not any more horrible. Maybe it might sound a little melodramatic, but I think if I had to pick this life for the rest of my life, I would have no complaints. But maybe my wife is not happy with my newly gained hobby of online writing. Maybe she will get used to it and accept it.

However, sometimes I run out of ideas, so I don’t write because I am not a versatile writer. But, my US blogger friend kept encouraging me. She said, "One should never concentrate on one niche but keep your writing horizons as wide as you can. Write about anything that comes to your mind and let your imagination fly like a bird with both its wings wide open. One should let his imagination travel as wide as it wants to. The sky is yours."

I thought the security of many jobs could no longer be guaranteed. People with certain skills, no matter what earning group they belong to. No matter whether they were still in the workforce or not, it was expected of them to enhance their skill set. The pandemic period was the right time for all of us to develop our skills. I thought it was time to learn about cryptocurrencies.

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ecoTrain QOTW s7.9:

Q. "Which technologies have had a positive influence on your life?"
A. Now that I have entered the world of cryptocurrency, I will stay here! I found this experience worth spending all my spare time on crypto-based websites.

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I think the pandemic has enabled many to learn new skills or explore ideas they would not have done otherwise, for ytou it has enabled you to find more about crypto and brought you here

I found my way to you post via #Dreemport

That's right @tattoodjay I knew only about Bitcoin and had a Bitcoin wallet until August 2020. Then I joined a site (The one we all came to Hive from). Then I learned about Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies and created a wallet where I could receive tokens and currencies other than Bitcoin. Thank you!

Yeah I heard about bitcoin early on but it sounds weird to me so I did nothing about it and led the same trail as you

And would you believe that I received 0.1 Bitcoin as a joining bonus in 2011 but did not know what to so I asked the referrer if he would guide me on how to transfer it to his account? He accepted that 0.1 Bitcoin gladly. Today, it's worth $5500 :)

Yeah I would believe you
I had the chance to buy some when it was valued around $20 but I didn’t dang if only

That price was around the same time in 2010. But then who knew about this and think about the guy in the UK who lost his hard disc with thousands of Bitcoins he bought @2 or 3

Yeah wouldn’t that be terrible

The pandemic changed so many things and so many lives. Glad you were able to pull through.

Yes, this was all about changing my mindset. I was still working full time but feeling too lonely and distracted. So, I decided to give crypto a shot, thanks.

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