Who is better - An Optimist or A Realist??

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Sometimes, u came across such kind of question which is hard to answer. On a recent train trip, a fellow passenger put up this question in middle of a casual conversation. Who is better - An Optimist or A Realist??

The passenger was an old man and seems to have ample amount of life experince. For a second I was numb and was looking for an answer to the question. It seems to be hard to reply.


An Optimist, generally keeps a positive approach towards life or any situation. They belongs to that part of the community, who never ready to give up and always see a positive in every situation. In other words we can put it like:

a person who is inclined to be hopeful and to expect good outcomes

These section of the society are not affected by any negative impact and keeps themselves motivated for further course of action rather than giving up easily.

On the contrary, A Realist , is an individual who always ready to put all theory into practical. They are that portion of the community who alway look out for different ways to get the things done. In other words :

a person who understands what is real and possible in a particular situation.

These are those section of the society who knows that they needs to make improvements in their life. They recognize the situation and their problems and makes plans to deal with them. Finding a solution to problem.


My Answer to Fellow Passenger :

On being confronted with such sort of question, firstly I tried to recall the words meaning. After a min pause and replied

Different words...different meaning....my understanding says ...to be realistic you need to be an optimist. .... a positive outlook only get you practical success.

Unless we are not in a positive frame of mind, we are unable to get to any solution, rather unable to trace out solution to it. So being optimist will lead to be a Realist.

My answer to the old man seems to be satisfactory to me and to him as well. He smiled and pat on my back. Not sure how much I am correct, but coming across such question ocassionally really help our mind a healthy exercise.


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I think one should be a combination of both. It’s important to be optimistic, see things positively and approach them optimistically, if you don’t do so, it becomes challenging to get what you want.

On the other hand, one should also be aware of the reality and be able to see and accept things as they are. In some situation, you have to accept things as they are and be optimistic for a better future. That’s how one can lead a happy life.

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