Traditional Construction Tool in Modern Times - "Plumb Bob"

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Even after so many science advancement and technological development, I am amazed to see an aged old construction tool. This tool is widely been used all over the construction sites, and masons find it difficult to make the actual measurement without it...I am referring to Plumb Bob


A plumb bob, or plummet, is a weight, usually with a pointed tip on the bottom, suspended from a string and used as a vertical reference line, or plumb-line. It is a precursor to the spirit level and used to establish a vertical or horizontal datum. - Wikipidia.

In India, I see every construction worker, carrying this Plumb Bob to do all the measurement and align the size and depth of the construction area. Pretty amazing, how this particular tool comes into existence and become so crucial to carry out such complex construction measurement.


A plumb bob is a tool having a certain weight. The tool is suspended from a string used as a vertical reference line to ensure a structure is centered and alligned perfectly.

The uses of Plumb Bob depends solely on the "law of gravity". The tool is used to establish what is “plumb” that means, what is exactly vertical. To understand the working or usage of this tool, one doesnt need to be physics or science whizkid. A string suspended with a weight at the bottom will be both vertical and perpendicular to any level of plane through which it passes through.


This tool always find the vertical axis pointing towards the center of gravity, which is towards the downward. This ensure everything is right, justified and centered.

The heavy weight will hang under gravity and offer a precise vertical line which is called plumb line. This method is applied for checking or controlling vertical line of structural elements especially indoors such as lift shaft. Added to that, it is used to control verticality of foundation, walls, and columns.


Pretty surprising g, how efficiently even an illiterate worker under the theory of science and make sure to carry out their work precisely.

I know about this tool, but took notice of it during a recent construction work at my home. More interestingly is how the Mason is using it so precisely, to make sure the height of the wall is aligned towards the base vertically.


These are their important tools, and they keep carrying it everywhere. As such their work is incomplete without this tool. And rightly so, if they could not match up the work, their efforts is wasted. After all construction is not about cement and sand, but much more to it.


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I never would have thought I would read a post about Plumb bobs! 😂

Isnt it interesting, how such simple and unnoticeable things are so important...

I thought it was a rope dart ^_^; then I read the title XD Have you used one? How does it compare to a spirit level?

These were used by the Mason to see the right alignment.. it always measured perpendicular.