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Coming to determining how the future would be is something very hard for a person to get but looking at it, we can easily try to predict how the future would be if we look into the present technological changes and how technology has improved from the past to the present day.


In the next 20 years, It is obvious that they would be a great technological difference than now in 2021. Back in the year 2000, there was nothing like a android smart phone device but in the next 20 years, they would possibly be another release of a new kind of mobile device that would be far more smarter than what we are using now.


Let talk about travelling, It is definite that there would be more flying cars used as a means of transportation around the world as there are production of these cars going on, which are not yet (released) available for public use at the moment.

As technology improves overtime, I fear that mother nature may greatly be affected. The more I think about it, these questions comes through my thought; Would there be more green on earth in 200 years to come, would the air be more clean to breath in, would there be clean water to drink?.... I fear that these questions may turn out to be negative answers in future.

Today, we hear about those in high power having secret meetings on how to take over the world. With the increase in technology advancement, would these make it easy for them? Would humans have the same freedom of movement they have, or instead the rich would rule over the poor while they get richer and the poor get poorer, serving as slaves to those who are rich enough to afford latest technology?


During the next coming 200 years, how many wars would have occurred between countries trying to be in world power. Infact, I am definitely sure that some countries may change their names due to inter-country crises which I fore-suspect that may happen in my country Nigeria.

To try be an optimistic person that I am, I would make my prediction for the next 20 to 200 years to come. I predict for the next 200 that there would be great technological advancement in which teleportation would exist which would make transportation exist. Every technology invented would be properly checked if it has any negative effect to mother nature before it is being allowed to be announced for use.

Hopefully with the development of AI technology, every human would not have to worry about putting a food for the table or having a stressful job for a daily living. There would be peace between humans and robot with no sort of evolution where the robots would take over the human race.

Talking about peace between countries, hopefully there would be understanding that the human race needs to work together to make the planet a better place and war does not solve problems but instead escalate the issue.

For my country, In 20 years time, I hope there would be evolution between the youths and the old men in power. In fact, it is the same for different countries of the World. We would have youths ruling and making wise decisions that are not selfish which brings progress to the country.

So, what do you think about what that I have written? what's yout thoughts on the prediction of the future in the next 20 years and 200 years to come? I would definitely like to know?... Feel free to also create your response and submit it in the comment section of the Ecotrain QOTW.

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For real there are thing that history can never erase nor stop and one of those things is technology. Man without technology is like an Ape in human clothes with no brains.

The world itself will always rely on technology in some instances to make it a better place. Imagine not having a cell phone to contact a distant friend, are you driving miles over there or visit the postal office which they will also have to drive for some hours. Let’s not forget that car is also one of the technology advancement, would we like to see a world with no cars? No. Just like it has its advantage, we can’t neglect the disadvantages that are involved. Cars do cause a lot of deaths and broken bones which we all see everyday but that is not stoping people from driving out the next day.

Technology will keep advancing and will try to make things more better for everyone who is ready to pay the price.

This post really made my day Thanks brother. The future is here

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I would have written for this week but I can't even find the inspiration. My head is just too blanket at the moment. Imagining how 200 years time will be is quite astronomical, good one here, technology will take a whole new peak.

Bro, I can relate to how you feel. I used 2
Hours to write this post mostly because I am not really feeling fine, I have malaria and I forced the inspiration out of me.

Interesting foresight!

I believe in the next 20 years.. Human Labour will greatly reduce because of technological advancement. For instance! The implementation of AI technology in businesses, industries and domesticated functions.

Possibly rate of unemployment with government and industries will drastically increase.

This means youths should be more focus on building IT skills and building their world by investing in digital skills, digital contact and token platform efficiently (hive platform will very much be an asset in the next 20 year)..Obviously!

And surely we the youths will take over power due to accumulated creative energy, technological dexterity and influence..

Thank you for sharing brother!.. so inspiring for all to think ahead.
Good day bro!! Get well soon!😋

I guess we can't have everything good in the future.

I think the change in Nigeria might not be so drastic in the next twenty years as the old generation are still capable of empowering themselves and removing the power from the youths.

The war between ibos and the whole country will most likely not yield to any form of separation as most people are not willing to lose their life for a bleak future.
I mean the Kanu man is not a man that can lead them to that promiseland