Root bubbler update: moving plants and blueberry cuttings

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Over the last few months I have been growing roots on some cuttings of a sun opener plant. I took the cuttings around late autumn and they have been placed into my root bubbler for the last few months. The result of this are long roots, and I think they are ready for dirt.

The cuttings roots are a few inches long and I think they want dirt, the leaves have been wilting a little bit and seems like it wants more than just water with a bunch of oxygen in it.

I used a couple plantable pots, since it will only be a few months until they go into the ground outside. In the South we can start planting in April or earlier.

Used some dirt from outside, we got alot of clay in our soil and it has a red color due to the iron content.

The pots are placed in water dishes and I gave each just a little water to get started with.

They sit on a turned over container to get the most amount of light during the winter when the sun is lower on the horizon.

Hope the sun opener plants like their new pots, and soon enough they can go live outside in the ground if they make it through the winter inside.

Some new plants have been added to the bubbler, blueberry bush cuttings. When I was cutting down some trees one of them hit my blueberry bush and broke off a stem. So I cut it into pieces and scraped some of the bark off and placed them into the bubbler.

I see some new growth showing up on the stems but no roots yet. Would love to get some more blueberry plants this way.

So for now its just the blueberry cuttings in the bubbler

I pulled a couple of the blueberry cuttings out of the bubbler to inspect them, they have been in there for about a week now. I see a slimy film building up around where I scraped off the bark. No idea if thats good or bad so I just left it alone and put it back in the bubbler.

Something else I noticed is the sponges are breaking down that hold the plants in place. I need to get some new ones and replace the old sponges that have been in there for awhile.


Great job.. can't do that with 11 cats in the house 😜

Haha I feel ya, there are in a closed room where the cats cant get to.. they sure want to though.. lol

Your hobby is gardening. You are working a lot. After all, really amazing photography.

thanks alot.. glad you liked them

good job dear @solominer
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Thanks alot Nevlu.. I use Peakd. By logging in and going to your wallet you can delegate there.