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RE: The beauty is in the unknown - ecoTrain QOTW #9.4

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As always I appreciate your thoughts and they have given me more to think about. This year my mantra is to be intentional with time, money and relationships. I want to connect with those in my life in really, authentic and very intentional ways. I think this can be done with technology and can be done beautifully. I agree that it really comes to balance. Years ago I would not have been very open to the idea that I have online friends in places like Greece. Now it is a reality. A beautiful reality of technology.


Thank you Sara! Really happy we can share thoughts, how super cool is that! Grateful to technology and HIVE, haha! Cause everything depends on the way we use it! Intention as you say! Love your mantra!
Connection, authenticity and intention! Nothing more to add! Awesome!