EcoTrain QOTW: Can spirituality and technology live together?

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Just a few scientists believe that humans are also spiritual beings,many argue the fact that God does not exist, and just a few saints fully accept technology as an evolution that presents our spirituality. When spirituality says "we are greater than who we really are", technology puts those words into practical actions, yet people who are one-sided still do not believe in their coexistence. Technology did not start in this era, it started long ago shortly after the fall of man. We learn Noah created an ark by the instructions of God, Moses built a temple by the revelation of God and there were men whom the bible recorded that God gave them the knowledge to make things out of golds and other precious stones. This implies that most men who had exceptional knowledge to build things that seemed almost impossible to the ordinary man were a revelation from someone or something which has higher knowledge than we can imagine as humans. Even though we are spiritual beings that have been made known to us by clergymen, we still live in this cosmos where things need to be seen and felt and that's where science comes into play. The evidence of our spiritual practices is always in a physical means, no matter what it may be we can only connect to it physically and that's where technology comes into play.


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One of the purposes of spirituality is to help us appreciate nature and to know who we truly are. It's in this process of trying to appreciate nature and discovery about ourselves that science and technology was bred. Technology itself has helped us explore spiritual matters and spirituality has helped us discover our potentials, making us believe we are more than who we think we are and can do anything if we put our mind to it. Technology is never against spirituality and spirituality is not against technology, the problem lies in trying to equate our human level of wisdom with that of the spiritual realm. I believe the spiritual realm exists and that's where all knowledge exists, and men sometimes can gain access to this spiritual realm through certain devotion. Imagine a world with no technology, it would be a world full of suffering trying to travel from place to place and accessing that which we enjoy today. Spirituality and technology can live together if there is a balance.

Technology is just like a miracle, making what seems impossible possible. Spirituality also helps us witness miracles that's unimaginable to a physical man. They're all the same in a different form. How did a man come to know mixing one metal with another can produce a certain result? Or that certain things can be used to communicate that far distance, camera to take pictures, etc. This can only be a knowledge that's higher than that of a man. We are only deceived to believe it's from study or days of hard work and research. Spirituality is the mother of technology in the physical and they can live together if men don't worship one more than the other.