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RE: Living life In A Spiritual And Technological World - EcoTrain Question Of The Week

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Growing my own food and medicine and giving my girls and myself the freedom to explore and discover who they are.

You have taken the very best path for sure - making them realize who they are - the key value that will automatically bring in responsibility - rest all they will grow themselves. So much of authentic feelings in the post - we can barely reach there. I always wished to do this but could never took that decision and firmly stick to live in harmony with nature - I know, this path is a bit difficult initially and once we cross that barrier, we would know the difference. Doing a job, earning good money and living in cities with all facilities seems to be an easy life but at one point of life, all these would feel immaterial. Unfortunately at that age, its impossible to go and build the sustainability.


It is never to late @sanjeevm, sure life can be harder in some ways, as we have to be responsible for so much more, but it is ultimately simpler as well, which is what we all deserve xxxx