Using the Grand Solar Minimum to facilitate the reset cycle & eliminate unwanted history (part 2)

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Having examined in part 1 the Great Reset of the 2020s and the idea that Earth undergoes cycles of extreme weather, seizmic & volcanic activity which are capitalised upon by the elite to re-shape the world in which we live, I would like now to give you some examples of how the Grand Solar Minimums of the past have been used for exactly this purpose.


Maunder Minimum (peaking in 1675)

King Charles II was on the throne of England during the early part of the Maunder Minimum and he used this long period of bad weather to reset our understanding of money and to gain ownership of his people & their possessions.

The chaos was kick-started in the heart of the empire by two particular events, perhaps less accidental than history would have us believe:

  • 1665 - The Great Plague of London (pandemic)

  • 1666 - The Great Fire of London

UK laws were changed while everyone was distracted by the side effects of these events. Not all that different to what is happening today.

Perhaps King Charles II who started out as the King of Scotland and later expanded his rule to England & Ireland had tasted something only the elite can know and desired more or it?

Names became capitalised on our official documents and the people & their possessions became property of the state. The use of paper money was implemented across Europe and precious metals were removed from the monetary system.

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These new systems of control then spread out across the rest of the world while it was distracted by the ongoing effects of a Grand Solar Minimum which lasted almost 100 years, later nicknamed The Little Ice Age.

It is hard to know with certainty if King Charles II had knowledge of the Grand Solar Minimum cycle, but he did have a clear agenda and was able to achieve it much more effectively due to the extreme hardships of that period. And certainly this has been noted by those who came later with the same thirst for ultimate power & control.

If you are keen to learn more about the climate on Earth during the Maunder Minimum and in what way it affected us humans, @iceagefarmer has created a wiki of his own which documents this period in detail so that we may know what to expect as we move now into the next Grand Solar Minimum.

Glassberg Minimum (peaking in 1900)

I am not aware of a reset during the Glassberg Minimum, just a whole bunch of crappy weather (which obviously had nothing to do with rising CO2 levels).

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The Maunder & Dalton Minimums on the other hand were sufficiently extreme to implement profound and lasting changes.

Dalton Minimum (peaking in 1815)

While it was milder than the Maunder Minimum, the Dalton was still very extreme at its peak, completely eliminating summer for Europe in 1816.

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Check the sunspot numbers again and you sill see how the year without a summer correlates perfectly with the deepest point of the Dalton Minimum.


So how is it that Wikipedia refers to it only as "severe climate abnormalities" without making any reference to the Grand Solar Minimum or total lack of sunspots at that time? For those of you who are not aware, Wikipedia is your primary source of misinformation and should therefore only be used to understand what the elite would like us to believe. Information must always be cross-referenced with as many decentralised sources as possible to validate authenticity.

Tartary: the forgotten empire

(Latin: Tartaria)

It is hard to say exactly what happened during the Dalton Minimum because the main purpose of this reset appears to have been the tactical re-writing of history to hide one of the most advanced empires in the world and the cataclysm which destroyed them.

Tartary remains mostly unknown today because its existence makes the official time-line of our history (which is full of lies) impossible.

It was supposedly the area coloured red, where you would expect to find Asia today.
Map created by Frederik de Wit in 1665.

Personally I would say their empire was even more vast than this and any maps which might prove that have long since been destroyed.

Tartary did not fit the desired picture of linear human evolution with their advanced technologies and building techniques which easily out-shine our capabilities today. It is said that some Tartars were as big as giants, that all religions lived in peace side by side and they were capable of reaching impossible ages.

If you are skeptical about humans being bigger in the past you might want to watch this film.

The evidence of an advanced & connected global community is overwhelming but something happened during the Dalton Minimum which disconnected us and regressed our evolution.

Wikipedia tells us that people simply stopped calling it Tartary and started calling it Asia, but don't tell us much else about this enormous realm and certainly don't mention in what style they built their monuments.

In what style did they build their monuments?

The world's first photograph was apparently produced in 1826 so one would expect to find a multitude of photos from this century documenting the construction of many glorious buildings.
However, such images are extremely rare and what we tend to find in abundance are images showing completed structures (which boggle the mind given our rudimentary skills at that time) and in many cases we see evidence of the buildings being partially in ruins, surrounded by mud and certainly older than their proposed age of 'brand new'.


It is also worth noting how these kind of images are almost always populated by a small number of people. This goes against the idea of a city which has been built from the ground up by these same people. The streets should be bustling with activity? And yet they are not.

This is Chicago in 1871, supposedly after a Great Fire which devastated the city.

I will concede these early cameras had long exposures, often blurring out the people completely, but to me this looks more like a city which has been hit by a cataclysm or a war of some kind and conveniently there are no images to show what Chicago looked like before this.

It we take a look at any major city we will usually find a very particular kind of Renaissance style greco-roman building, featuring triangles, arches, pillars & sometimes domes. These are no ordinary buildings. All of them utilise divine mathematics, are extremely complex to create and are finished with incredible sculptures & workmanship.

This is The Saigon Municipal Theatre, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, given construction date 1899.

Needless to say there are no photos of its construction, despite photography having been a thing for many years already.

This is the earliest I could find, from 1905

What do you think? Is that a six-year-old building and did the people of Ho Chi Minh City genuinely have an interest in opera? Or is there more to this story story than meets the eye?

Here is one in India, built as a train station by the English apparently. For all those people with their horse & carts.















We are told architects simply liked to copy the greco-roman style of the past, but how many of these similarly designed buildings were there? Hard to say when so many have been destroyed.

This one in Chicago was not destroyed by the Great Fire, so instead it was later destroyed by humans on the basis that it was unsafe, no more than 100 years after its given construction date.
Screen Shot 20201007 at 19.19.47.png

Wikipedia always justifies the destruction of these buildings through elaborate tales but when evaluated with an open mind these stories don't make sense. Especially when we consider that spectacular constructions like this are made to last multiple centuries and the obliteration of such beauty is completely absurd.

In many cases the destruction of these buildings & monuments is explained by the World's Fairs, for which they are often said to have been constructed.

Screen Shot 20201220 at 09.24.58.png

This building in Paris was supposedly built for the 1889 Exposition Universell.


I think you will agree these water fountains look highly advanced for their time while the building itself is absolutely magnificent and has the feeling of a cathedral. So it is strange don't you think that something like this would be built just to show it off for a few years before destroying it?

What about this one which was used as the entrance to the 1900 Paris Exposition?

The gateway was brightly illuminated at night by 3,200 light bulbs and an additional forty arc lamps. wiki

This was at a time when the primary method of transport was horse & cart and most people had no idea what a light bulb was.

It would be considered an advanced construction even by today's standards, so why destroy it? Unless of course it raised too many questions which conflicted with our understanding of history.

As if an electrically lit arch was not enough, here you can see the "Palace of Electricity & Water Castle" also in 1900.


Illuminated in the most magnificent way at night.


Hard to imagine how humans of any time period could be so casual about the construction and destruction of such incredible buildings. Yet that is the story we are expected to believe.

What I propose is that these buildings were actually constructed long before their given dates and they were destroyed because they were obviously not made by the same people who inhabited the world at that time.

And perhaps, dear readers, electricity was not a creation of recent times and was in fact used long before this by the Tararians in buildings which were designed to receive free energy?

Perhaps all the buildings we call Cathedrals, Abbeys & Minsters were not built to worship God, but rather to generate that free energy for the cities? The smaller "churches" generating energy for the villages. Sounds far fetched I know, but the idea of building them for an invisible man in the sky would also sound far fetched if you hadn't already been conditioned to accept it as truth.

You have also been conditioned to think of humans as being at the pinnacle of evolution, more advanced now than we have ever been in the past. And yet a plethora of inconsistencies remain.


Anyone interested in pursuing the original functionality of churches may find this video interesting.

If indeed electricity has been re-introduced to us over the last few centuries using a system which is not at all free, has a limited supply and is bad for the environment, it is easy to see why our controllers might want to hide our true history from us.

More importantly, by re-writing history to reflect a huge amount of war & conflict they have been able to change our understanding of who we really are and ultimately create endless war & conflict, which if you don't already know, is great for business & great as a control mechanism. I personally believe humans are intrinsically peaceful but you can be sure I am in the minority due to the historical brainwashing we all undergo in our childhood.

The final point I want to make here is the evident alignment of these kind of buildings, destroyed or not. I have been following the work of Michelle Gibson who studies The Earth Grid amongst other things and what she has found is that these monuments not only align with each other but also align with various star constellations above us. What this indicates is that the people who built them were much more connected than our current civilisation and on this basis alone, they were likely to be spiritually orientated & peaceful by nature.

The only thing we can know with absolute certainty is that Tartary and its history (along with evidence of any previous advanced civilisations) were erased during the Dalton Minimum, so I think it would be fair to say that something dramatic must have happened.

Something like a mud flood perhaps...

Up next in part 3:

  • The Mud Flood evidence
  • Bigger in the past: giant monuments & giant trees
  • Cyclical human development
  • Cataclysms and their various forms
  • The next Grand Solar Minimum has begun
  • Practical suggestions to help you prepare




very through post wow! this is why i LOve the blockchain.. the immutable.. unchangeable.. un deletable blockchain ;)

Am guessing I am not alone in talking about this subject on the hive blockchain but it can't hurt to have another person's attempt at connecting these most interesting dots.

The days of earthship building are edging ever closer to us ;)

All the best to you Alex!

Fantastic information 👍

To me there is nothing more fascinating than learning about who we once were. Our hidden history is gradually revealing itself...

Thank you so much for sharing very interesting and well researched work in one place! Lots of these details I had gathered over the years but never tied them in a logical sequence.

I wish this piece could be translated into various languages so more people could access this information.

We are working against time, that’s how I feel. Most of my families’ members would not be able to take this information at all. The majority of people are still too comfortable with what the systems are feeding them. It’s good to find several well read people in this platform! So many smart and intelligent people with critical thinking capability here!

Best wishes.


The actions of our current controllers motivated me to put this together, so we really only have them to thank ;)

I totally agree most people are not ready for this information yet. They are still contending with the reality that we are slaves and our entire lives have been built upon a lie. They will likely never move beyond that point because it is super scary and perhaps even traumatic to acknowledge this. They would rather remain ignorant than face reality. Which is fine. We cannot save everyone.

That being said, I would not be able to forgive myself if I did not at least try! The price to pay for ignorance these days may well be death.

Still.... happy days!

Best wishes back to you and let us remain grateful we are not alone :)

Yup! I am glad to have found several people on this platform who are open minded and very well read. I have accepted the fact that we could not safe everyone. I have to learn to let go. The future is going to be quite tough.


I love you Sam 🙂 My Twin Brother .

Just doing my best to share some Tartarian flavoured love with everyone ;)

And am very grateful to have you here finally!

That subject is breaking my heart even more , the years of study were only driving me
To sadness . I pray for that energy to come back to life but looking at its dust is very painful .

I will give you a call tomorrow.

Time for a catch-up!

Thanks Sam, you always have something interesting to talk about.
I have no doubt that politics (and elite agendas) have been influenced by weather and climate for a long time! I don't know if they could predict these things, or even fully understand them while they were happening (do we?), but I believe they capitalized on such events.
I recall reading that things like comets (which back then weren't yet known to be cyclical) were capitalized upon by charlatans of all types. Doom porn, miracle cures, you name it, the weirdos (and elite scumbags) would get up to their business whenever something celestial happened, because the common man had no idea what it meant, and could be made fearful.

Interesting you should mention comets because I didn't! Yes, there were two comets which preceded the plague & great fire of London, both of which were used by the media to get everyone expecting bad things. A classic Law of Attraction trick which is still used today in a more subtle way.

Perhaps in the past it was more commonly understood that our weather moves in cycles? If this fact hadn't been omitted from our education it would probably seem quite obvious to us too. I am not sure any more however if we are dealing with humans at the top of the chain here. More likely to be malevolent beings of some kind who are assisting key humans with the running of this show. When I look at how well they are playing the game today I find it hard to believes humans came up with this!

Hey, I finally got round to responding to your last comment under my onion post. A few links for your wife there and ideas from more current research.

You put a lot of work into this Sam - thank you.

I tend to just write about the things I am currently researching, though truth be told I started writing this one at least three months ago and my research has moved on beyond this subject now.

I don't see it as "work" at all. Just putting my notes into an enjoyable format so I can refer back to them in the future and hand this out to anyone who is interested in learning more.

Enjoy your Sunday Lee :)

Thanks @samstonehill - happy to be one of your friends here. Have a great weekend.

Very interesting information. Thank you.

No worries. Hope it leads you to discover more about this amazing world in which we live ;)

For sure - and we learn each day.

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