Ecotrain QOTW #9.4: Can spirituality and technology live together?

in ecoTrain10 months ago (edited)

Looking into the role of Spirituality to humanity i think it has a lot to do with technology, to me, they are both same in so many aspects and their slight differences are not much, just as humans needs Spirituality, so we do need technology, we live In a computerized world and this is the work of technology and without spirituality the idea of making our world shining and good looking would not be made possible, spirituality is about the innermost mindset while technology is forecasting and making it in a good and a better way than how it used to be before.



The idea that the world is a dynamic world is gotten from the technological aspects of life, considering all the emphasis made, it is so clear that spirituality and technology can live together and be called brothers, because one of them can not do without seeking the idea of another, what we see, feel and plan to do is as a result of our ideas (technology) and when we put ourselves into those things, imagining it and ought to bring it to the light form, it is noted that spirituality work is in play.

A man once said, he does not joke with his spirit being, i was confused with this statement he make and it disturb me for a longer time, it was on a bus, i was going to a nearby town to buy Vegetables, to me, a spirit soul can mean many things, so i really wanted to know why he said that, i was just looking at him, and after he finished his conversation with the other man at the other end, i asked him what he meant by spirit being, before he could give me a response, he asked if i am a journalist or what, i told him, No, i am not a journalist but i do like to shared knowledge about life, he now said that, what he meant by spirit being is his innermost mindset in a peaceful yard.



A favourable illustration is, if i am to make a change to anything that hurt me so much, what i do first is to free up my mind and go to a peaceful and a quiet place and sleep and by the time i wake up, my mind would be free from anything which was bothering me and i would bring forth the thoughts of which i want to give solutions to and in a couple of time, i would have the answers i needed to get my hands on.

From his idea of "spirit being", i can see that Spirituality is one of travellers of thoughts and solutions givers, it is also clear that spirituality is the brother to technology and a mother of thoughts, it is also make clear that, they can not only work together but they can work and relate in a better way than any other, spirituality is a guide to what technology can do to humanity and the world at Large, spirituality is the process while technology is an act.


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