Space technology as an essential tool for the protection of our environment

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Greetings again my dear readers of this prestigious platform, for no one is a secret that as humanity we have spent our entire history in search of any kind of knowledge present in our wonderful natural environment, and as we know for this task has been implemented to the scientific field, and also, put into practice these learnings through each technological application that every day are part of our existence.

The speed of technological advances is increasing, as well as the range of expansion of such applications to any space-time where we are, however, this characteristic of speed no longer surprises us because with the passage of time we have become familiar in the best way with each technological application that is offered to us, therefore, we have become accustomed to seeing these advances as commonplace facts that are an intrinsic part of both our development and our lives.


On many occasions we observe our outer space through any tool or optical instrument that allows us to enjoy the wonderful beauty of the different celestial bodies present in the space of our Solar System or our galaxy (Milky Way) and even beyond it, therefore, my attentive readers we can say that our capacity for invention has no limit and as rational species we can get wherever we want we just have to remain constant in our acquisition of knowledge in all senses.

Now in this opportunity we will talk in general about some space technology applications that are implemented for the study of our planet Earth from the top of our outer space, and thus allows us to somehow protect our home, and thus, achieve better management of our vital resources as they have allowed us to get to develop in every way.

When we implement any tool that is in our outer space we can say that we are talking about space technology and the same has actually been extremely useful for our exponential growth, and among these space applications we find artificial satellites, and of which first of all we can say that they mostly point more towards our Earth than outside it.

In relation to the above we can say that these space machines are launched into space with the firm purpose of providing us with some kind of service, therefore, if we make a small tour in their functions we find that we implement them to better organize our natural resources, as well as for those activities such as data transmission (telecommunications), relief activities, among many other activities of great interest to mankind.

In this opportunity we will relate in a general way with the satellite technology or space technology at the service of the safeguard of our environment and as we express at the same time of the best management of our natural resources, in other deliveries we will be deepening on the types of satellites and the orbits where they are launched since of these last ones will depend on the function of these artificial satellites.

Now my friends, I think that one of the most significant tasks of artificial satellites is that they have allowed us to make a constant evaluation of our precious environment and this leads us to detect the various risks present in it, for example, those satellites for the observation of the planet provide us with vital images which provide us with detailed and abundant information, and with this, it is possible to establish the best parameters when making decisions in relation to our environment and the resources found in it.

The images from these satellites offer us information related to the use of certain land space no matter how far away they are, this includes large and thick forests, glacial areas, swamps, deserts and other places of difficult access, they can also offer us information about those areas with a rapid alteration of its ecosystem and thus its reduction of biodiversity.

They also offer us images for proper management in cases of disasters, as well as in those areas that are affected by complex armed conflicts, they also offer us information related to the scope of pollution from different points of view as the recognized depletion of the ozone layer, as well as the one caused by any oil spill, among many other sources of high pollution for our environment, and consequently for all of us.

In reality, there is a great amount of valuable information that this type of space technology such as artificial satellites can provide us with, and this information has somehow allowed us to protect as much as possible our environment as well as the existing natural resources that are of great importance to mankind. The important thing is that as humanity we know how to implement in the best way this type of technological development, since in general, great actions of pollution worldwide are occurring due to our own actions.



Until another opportunity my dear reader friends, technological applications can be found in any part of our lives and they can come from the highest of our outer space as is the case of artificial satellites, and thanks to them we can perform or try to perform the vital task of protecting our environment and its natural resources.

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