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Greetings again my dear friends of this prestigious platform, around us we can find any kind of living species that in one way or another is part of our environment, and also, it is necessary for the proper balance of our environment, therefore, this time we will relate generally with a species of animal which we know as peacock.

Maybe some of us have had the pleasure of having observed this beautiful bird of great size, and of course, its colorful tail as we see in the gif at the beginning of this article, this type of bird has the scientific name Pavo cristatus, and commonly we call them as Peacock, this type of turkey has its origin in India and from there it has expanded to all parts of the world, but mainly to the continents of America, Africa, Europe and Asia.

It is important to express that this bird is characterized by being quiet, and because of this it has been possible to domesticate it, although when it feels in danger it can be somewhat violent, this beautiful animal is diurnal and at night it climbs trees to sleep with others of its species, and in the morning it leaves in search of food and a source of water to hydrate itself, as for its diet we can say that it feeds on some small insects, as well as reptiles, some flower petals and plants.



The male has a difference with the female, and one of them is its size, its color, and of course its tail, usually the male's feathers are green and blue iridescent, to attract the female they use their beautiful and so striking tail, The female selects the male with whom she will mate, usually the female lays between 3 to 5 eggs in a nest that she herself builds with some pieces of branches, after hatching each young has the ability to walk and also to feed themselves.

This type of birds has as natural predators cats, dogs, leopards, foxes and tigers, however, humans also represent a serious threat to these beautiful birds as they capture them both for their striking beauty and to consume their highly desirable meat, and this makes some species of these turkeys are in danger of extinction as is the case of the green-necked peacock.

This beautiful animal can be kept at home, but nevertheless, it is important that we can feed it properly, as sometimes they are only provided with concentrated food and also little access to fresh water, and it is advisable not to place them in areas where there may be other animals as there may be strong clashes, That is, if we decide to have one of these beautiful turkeys in captivity is necessary to be very careful with the type of environmental conditions that are provided to them as they tend to be sensitive to both cold and excessive humidity, another fact to consider is that these birds have an average life span of 10 to 25 years.

As people of this planet it is always necessary to be able to relate and know about each of the living species that are around us because in this way we can value them properly and lead a healthy coexistence with them, because sometimes our actions harm the normal coexistence with these species.



Note: The gif at the beginning of this article is my own, and the images were created in Power Point and the animated gif in PhotoScape.

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The male turkey has a difference with the female, and one of them is its size, its color, and of course its tail

I have never heard the male peacock being referred to as a turkey before.