Can spirituality and technology live together?

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Can spirituality and technology live together this is really a nice topic


spirituality is a way of beliefs or sense that something is greater or live in spiritual life. spirituality deal with to live to normal standard of holy life. many people belief that to live in spiritual life is what please God. the history or impact of spirituality in our society today cannot be emphasis because spirituality contribute to our life in one ways to another.

technology can be defined as applied science or machinery use to solve our daily activities. all over the world are using technology to solve problem in one area to the other. so the role of technology in our society today is enormous because every individual have access to technology irrespective of the technology that we are using.

Now spirituality and technology exist together in our society. it is very hard to separate spirituality and technology. they are interwoven. technology open ways for spiritual discussion which has a great role ,the way people form their spirituality. many spiritual leaders perceived technology as a good thing that help them to unite their spiritual humanity.

Our spiritual leader also organized program through technology or internet that help them to them to spread word of God all over the world.they used internet as a major ways to communicate with one another anytime they have activities. spirituality and technology works hand in hand.

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