ecoTrain QOTW #9.4: Can Spirituality and Technology Live Together?

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Can Spirituality and Technology Live Together?
If I have to reply in very short to this question, my answer will be "YES", very much Technology and Spirituality both can live together.


Technology has never been bad, but the way it has been put to use is always not very constructive and that part of technology is a challenge. In today's time, we cannot imagine ourself existing without technology. It has become a part of our life. We need it daily to be a part of this world. Well some people can argue on this that it is not absolutely necessary and to an extent I can agree to that, but if we are talking about eliminating technology completely from our lives, it means going back to stone age. So the number of people who may want to cut off completely will be very very little, else the world will kind of go some centuries behind.

Whether we talk about the internet or the mobile phones, VR, AI, Blockchains, Nuclear, Medicals, Electronics or any area, all of these have advanced us towards a better society. Today Robotic surgeries have taken over on open heart surgeries and they are much safer and less invasive which also helps in faster healing process. Now this is definitely a very good progress with the advanced technology.
The invent of Blockchains has given us Cryptocurrencies which has given us ways to move up financially. The Internet has helped the world connect and brought people closer to each other, access of information is at the tip of the finger.


If we have to talk about Spirituality, I see no reason why a person who is spiritual cannot adopt technology in it's best use and live together with it, or vice versa.
Spirituality rather makes one mindful about the right use of technology and using it for better purpose of life.

When one practices Spirituality, one will be more mindful about how one wants to use the technology. A month back I had attended one Meditation session, where we were given wireless headphones and were guided through the meditation. It was done on the beach, where there were other people as well. The benefit of using the headphones was that the others at the beach were not disturbed and at the same time we could do our Meditation session without any hassles or disturbances of the outside.

If we have to talk about the merge of Spirituality and Technology then another classic example is of the Brain Tap Technology where with the help of the instrument one can reach to the levels of deeper meditative states which enhances one's intuition capabilities.

Yes Technology and Spirituality both can live together and both can help each other grow as well. It is a fact that we cannot cut off technology from our lives but at the same time we also have to work on our spirituality. When both of them can be balanced we will be in a good state of harmony and enjoying both of them optimally.

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