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The first thing and foremost, it's not just the population growth of a drastic global change. A human being born in this world doesn't mean it gives a sudden change of pollution. In fact, nature benefits the human's existence. If someone is just being considerate it can build a forest easily and it's a good thing. That's why don't lump the problems in seeing a newborn baby because that's not the problem here.

We don't need to see the news to learn what's going on in today's world. You can figure it out just by observing what's happening surrounding you. It's not good to blame others when you are already aware that you alone are responsible for the destruction. You just don't want to blame yourself because you're enjoying your life and you think it's not wrong. Most of us think that enjoying is good because that's what it means to live. Well, it's not wrong to enjoy life as long as there are limitations. Always remember that what is too much can be harmful.

It got me thinking when the ecotrain provided another question for this week. It does make sense because it's all about global warming that might destroy the world in the future. This question is like a reminder for all of us to take good care of mother earth. If we just keep on ignoring it just because we don't discipline ourselves. We never know if we can still enjoy it when everything is in chaos. That's why it's important to take a pause and ask yourself what to do in this serious problem we're facing in our world.


We understand that technologies are very helpful to us these days. The heavy job can be lighter because of it. The internet helps us to do something impossible like reaching someone's far. There are a lot but these are just some examples that for sure it's hard to avoid using it. How can we stop using it when it helps us in so many ways. It helps to do things easier and faster but don't we think we're abusing it?


Let's say for example cars and many types of vehicles. We understand that rich people can buy anything and anytime because they have a lot of money. The problem here is we're using it too much even though it's not necessary. Why should you buy a lot of cars when you can't use the others? Why buy too many vehicles when 1 or 2 are enough for you and your family. Instead of using that place to grow more plants we're using it as a parking lot. Okay, you're not using the space because you're building an establishment above. What about the materials that they'd use in building it? Did we forget that we're getting resources from nature again?


The internet connection that most people treat is like food that they can't live without. What do you think is the reason why the internet provider keeps upgrading it? It's simple because a lot of users are complaining about a slower connection. This happens because there are those people who never rest using it and it creates too much traffic that the internet can't handle anymore. Just imagine a small road being used with too many vehicles. Of course, the moving of each vehicle will be like a turtle because of too much load.


It's nice to have a big and beautiful house. For sure it's nice to live in with that but isn't it too much to build it when only a few people are using it? We're using too many resources from mother earth but only a few are benefiting from it. Imagine only 5 houses can destroy a wide forest. For sure it can provide so much hurt by nature and add more with other people to get more.


It's understandable that it's necessary but can we at least discipline ourselves? It's us who will suffer from ignoring global warming. That's why in my own opinion the answer to lessen the problems in global warming is discipline and being mindful. If we don't need it that much we should not. If we're thinking that we should need more trees instead of big houses or bigger establishments. We should prioritize the things that can be helpful, not just to us but to the world.

Refrain from abusing it or it will be too late. There's no turning back after all when the mess already happened. Blaming others will not be helpful when it's done already. That's why while we still have the time we should discipline and be mindful of what to do to resolve the changing climate. Nature can do such a thing to heal the world but only we, the human beings, have the power to make it possible. Don't ignore it and start worrying now.

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Paul is the name but prefers to be called mrnightmare that feels like living in the dream. A country boy and a dreamboy (dreamer) who likes to stay in a small village even though it means abandoning the future to become a seaman. The passion is writing but not sailing in the vast ocean. Don't wonder if the face will not be shown, this is better where the words can flow smoothly. Come, have fun with me and be part of my journey while talking about life events and random activities. It's fun to learn about life, don't hesitate, let's figure it out as we continue enjoying staying in this world.



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