EcoTrain QOTW 6#9: What are your prediction for 20 and 200 years?

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Twenty (20) and two hundred (200) years from now, I see an earth where the foundation already built by technology would become more enlarged. The world is currently facing a dynamics. One if such things that will cease to exists again in the next 20 years, setting the pace for the next 200 years is that the conventional Banking system would be no more and fiat money would have died a natural death because of the heavy acceptance of cryptocurrency by world economics.

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I like to look at what is feasible. A lot of factory worker will lose their job because more inventions of machines will be made within the period under discussion. Just like the industrial revolution of Europe in the 19th century, there will ne a greater advancement on science and technology. No doubt, robots will replace human unskilled and semi-skilled labour.

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Due to the differences in political and ideological beliefs in the different blocs, there will be more construction of military wares that would undermine or threaten the existence of man on planet earth.


I see a giant nation birthed in the continent Africa. I am tipping Nigeria to become stronger after the bombardment of insurgency in the far east and heavy corruption in the high places of authority. I see Nigeria becoming a force to be reckoned with.

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As a teacher, I have seem that some professions may go into extinction. Students will have to be taught by computer-based instruction. Many institutions of learning already starting preparing for that change. Teaching as a profession may disappear.


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On a final note, I would like to predict that the church and the state will be an enemy to each other. The doctrine of the church will negate the rising developmental processes.


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