Can Spirituality And Technology Live Together? ecoTrain QOTW #9.4

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In our world of today, everything has a connect to technology. In this post, I intend to bring to the fore the many parts of human experiences that makes the two ideal inseparable.

If anyone tries to take away spirituality from technology, the idea may soon fade away. Technology has been the basis why spirituality is sustained despite that it has to do with the soul connecting divinity.

It is wise to say that advancements in technology has also brought spirituality in the limelight, such that people now connect and find more truths about metaphysical life and much more.

The following are some points on which my reasons why spirituality can be sustained through technology.

Music in Spirituality

Today, one aspect of spirituality that has become so prominent is music. Many people now get involved and inclined to the things of music.
Musical technology has also increased is on the rampage.

We shouldn't forget that music is food to the soul men. And it has helped people come closer to divinity. Technology has made it easy for many music instruments to be evolved and affected lives. We dare not separate between the two concept.
Every year, there are new models of piano, guitars, drums, etc. And this arises from the need to improved the act of worship or praise to the Supreme being.

Rene Asmussen

Strings and keys which are functions of technology have helped produce melodious sounds pleasing and soothing to the soul of man and his affinity to divinity.

PhotoMIX company

Hospital Facilities and Spirituality

There is an angle of healing in spirituality. The technology in the hospital, through faith which comes from the spiritual level of individuals is a big factor in the healing process of a sick person. Countless sicknesses have been cured via the use of technology.

Technology has helped reduced the number of disease and mortality rate.

Spirituality and Mass Media

Information about spirituality and programmes have been on print and large screen across the globe. A television broadcasted programme can be aired to millions of viewers all over the world. That is technology, helping to spread spirituality to all nooks and cranny of the world. Its basically and interwoven concept.
Via the internet, e-books and other details have been made available to everyone who cares to to use them. That is the beauty of technology how it aids spirituality.


We are now residents of a digital world, manipulating the availability of the different sources through which we can connect with others in faraway places. All this is designed to help growth in spirituality.

We are obliged to continue the work of creation and technology is one of the outcomes of that commandment.

In my view, we have been able to use technology as a blessing and challenge to live gracefully for a better and more spiritual inclined world.


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