ecoTrain QOTW s7.9: Which technologies have had a positive influence on your life?

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Undoubtedly technology has been a great tool to advance in recent decades, Internet, smartphones, satellite images, apps as everyday tools have made our lives easier.

Now I would like to talk about technology in agriculture, automation and control of environments for sowing have been an immense advance, which supported in obtaining better harvests.


Spraying by drones and auto-navigation of tractors for ploughing and automatic sowing has made work in the agricultural area more pleasant.

Satellite imagery and soil survey software also recommend what crops should be planted in the soil for higher productivity.

Intelligent irrigation systems that ensure you get the optimum irrigation and precise temperatures for the crop you are harvesting.


Personally I have a controlled environment shed in which I grow paprika and the temperature control and automatic drip and sprinkler irrigation has helped me to control the humidity.

As well as the automatic irrigation through software that I can activate remotely from my phone, it is a unique tool and alerts me to high temperatures and I can spray water and lower the temperatures.

In short, technology has arrived to help us and support for agriculture is fundamental for obtaining more sustainable crops.


All photos are from my controlled environment vessel.


Que bueno esto! Es que es creo que la idea a dónde va el mundo, convertir todo terreno en algo sustentable pero amable con la ecología
Excelente trabajo

Gracias bro

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