EcoTrain Question of the Week Season 9 # 4 | "Can Spirituality and Technology Live Together?"

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The Sun's rays radiate my living space

It was an atmospheric phenomenon related to the optical nature of the sun's rays. However, at that moment, I was thrilled to be able to see this phenomenon, which is neither accidental nor everyday

I can say that I used technology to immortalise, with the camera of my device, this moment

Greetings dear readers

I join this week's question proposed by the @ecotrain Community


The Question is

'Can Spirituality and Technology Live Together?'

This week's question is very much related to me. I am a woman of science. In fact, I am a chemist and I love physics and quantum chemistry. Spirituality is science and there is no greater evidence than energy. According to Quantum Physics, energy is Vibration. When we raise our vibrational frequency or conversely lower our vibrational level as a result of our thoughts, feelings or memories we generate a response that is related to those emotions and that affect both our humanity and our spiritual being. I make this point because I have been asked the following question many times:

If you are a woman of science, why do you say that you take on spirituality as a philosophy of life and your inspiration is Mother Earth?

According to my perception, to answer this question is to answer this week's question. I do believe that spirituality and technology can live together.

Technology and Spirituality

I am a person who from a very young age has had access to the world of technology: computers, mobile phones, overhead projectors, laptops, CD's, smartphones, electronic pointers, video beam, tablets, among other equipment and instruments that at some point we can use to carry out our academic, work and/or social activities. However, I have never been dependent on any audiovisual device or resource. A few moons ago, I took all my audiovisual and telecommunications equipment to an event where I was a speaker. Everything was flowing perfectly and when we had already solved the problem of equipment configuration, there was a high voltage in the area and we ran out of electricity. Fortunately the site had large windows. The windows were opened and I was able to deliver my lecture. I can tell you that I felt fulfilled in carrying out the lecture and doing some activities that involved the people present. At that moment the knowledge of the subject and the area in question prevailed. It was a topic of the environmental area of the zone. If it had been solely dependent on technology, the objective could not have been achieved. So it is with technology and spirituality. They will co-exist. For me, technology is a support, a tool. It is not essence. It is a resource. For example, from my garden I am in connection with the Universe and I use technology (by using my device), to immortalise the Miracle of Life in my garden and to be able to share with you those images. If I don't have a device, for some reason, I can't help but feel the thrill of watching a bird feeding its young or teaching it to fly. I can't help but raise my vibration when I watch a sunrise or sunset or when a hummingbird comes to visit to bring me good news. At that moment, the most important thing for me is to vibrate with the energy that generates that emotion. If the image can be captured it would be extraordinary to be able to share it with you.

Social media and virtual hugs

I am part of several centralised social networks and some decentralised social networks among which is our #Hive platform where there is an interactive space where we are able to exchange with many people and where we develop our ingenuity and our gifts. However, I will never stop appreciating a hug on a face-to-face level. It is that hug, with that healing energy, that makes you vibrate in such a way that we are able to produce neurotransmitters; which are nothing more than those hormones that raise our immune capacity. Some call them the hormones of happiness. I'm talking about endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine. I will never trade a face-to-face hug in which I have the possibility to share on the physical plane. Technology shortens distances because you can converse and share with many people and loved ones regardless of distance. Technology is still a tool. The fraternal embrace is a blessing that energises us and raises our immune capacity. A great friend once said to me something like this: "I want a hug that reboots me". I love to greet my loved ones and friends with a strong and energising hug. I have a phrase that I use regularly on social media and instant messaging (Whatsapp):

"I send you a Hug with my energy of peace and love"

Again the emotion is there and the energy associated with it exists: however, technology allows us to materialise the action.

Being in connection with the Universe

Another aspect I want to share is the fact that we are in connection with the Universe. We are two beings who are in genuine connection. Sometimes we communicate without requiring telecommunication devices or equipment. Sometimes our connection is through a butterfly, a hummingbird or a dragonfly. Sometimes the message comes to us at sunrise or sunset. At night, it is the moon that connects us and even translates our feelings. At these times we do not require any kind of technology. We are and are in genuine connection with the Universe. It has happened to us, that afterwards we send some messages to each other, through the technology of our devices and we confirm indeed that there is a word or a phrase that connects us to that magical moment.

I love and believe in Magic


I am the Magic!

We are Energy ... Energy transforms!

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