The collection of my Edible, wild fungi of South Australia posts

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Hi all of you fungi loving, foraging and gardening folks!

Over the past few months, I've been sharing ID guides for the most common, edible fungi in South Australia. Eventually, it got to 14 posts, which means a lot of searching for you to find the one that you want. So I've made this little collection post of what I know. There are two more mushrooms to add to the series but I don't have clear ID photos of them yet. When I do I'll put them up but I can't guarantee them this season.

I did find a little numbering error while I was making this collection. I had two mushrooms listed as number 5! Bugger!
Still, it doesn't take away from their content. Just ignore the numbering in their titles and you'll be fine.

So, here's the list, starting with the 'Foraging Fungi' guide to comfort and techniques that I added in there too.

A guide to better mushrooming

Intro to Agaricus Mushrooms

Saffron Milk Caps

Button Mushrooms

False Truffles

Shaggy Manes


Jelly Fungi


Scotch Bonnets

Yellow Field Caps


Slippery Jacks

Weeping Boletes

Stubble Rosegills

Pavement Mushrooms






Now this is something fungi lovers will be busy about :D This is going to be useful :)

I hope it will

very nice brother keep it up