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RE: Importance of holistic and sustainable living today.

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Thanks for this piece of text. I agree with it a lot. In particular it is often quite easy to fall in the trap of money, i.e. "earning more at all costs", which is literally killing our planet... However, there is always a larger gain in trying to maintain a balance between different aspects.



Hello dear friend @lemouth, thank you for your valuable visit to my blog, it is difficult to see how wanting more and more wealth we sacrifice our ecosystems, I remember that since we are in high school we talk about biology, how ecosystems are integrated and the importance of respecting the synergy of their component elements. Unfortunately, the growth of consumption broke this barrier and began with the use of products that were quickly assimilated by plants, but that can affect soil biota with their excessive applications. Let us hope that sustainability becomes more than a fashionable term and many countries begin to regulate it.

So long, have a great weekend.

Have a nice week end, and thanks for the answer with which I fully agree. There is a huge difference between what we have been taught, and what is currently done by the society on a global scale.

Have a nice week-end!