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Hello Hive World!

This week's EcoTrain question touches on modernization and how human beings are positively and negatively dealing with it. The question is -

Can Spirituality And Technology Live Together?


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I started by saying this question touches on modernization because technology has become a part of our lives and I believe it will continue to be for as long as earth exists. Or can you imagine us regressing back to a time when technology was not in existence? I cannot. Life was very hard then and consequently slow.

Day by day, we make technological advancements to the point that every part of our lives are now controlled or enhanced by technology. From our banking system to markets, transportation, education, sports and even to our homes, technology is everywhere and makes our lives so much easier. This is the physical aspect.

Back to the question, my answer is in the affirmative. Spirituality and technology can live together. Spirituality has to do with our beliefs vis-a-vis our relationship with our Creator. Like I said earlier, technology makes our lives easier. Due to the advancements made so far, technology is now part of spirituality. It's a mutually beneficial relationship.


Image: Domenico Loai on Unsplash.com

How can we enjoy our spiritual journey without resorting to the use of technology? Our spiritual journey is part of our lives and so is technology. To cultivate our spiritual journeys, we use the internet, phones, cars, airplanes, electronic devices like computers, laptops, tablets as a means of learning more, growing and spreading more spiritual information.

Without technology, our spiritual growth will definitely be stunted. We won't have access to loads of beneficial information that are available on the internet, keeping in mind that knowledge is key to (spiritual) power.

In my opinion, the internet is like the greatest thing to happen to the modern man. With large volumes of resources that can be accessed via technology, our spiritual journey and growth becomes easier.

However I have heard of those who believe that the rapid development of technology is harmful to our health and as such, they isolate themselves by moving away from the populace into a secluded place. This group of people are very few, like 0.05% of the human population.

This is okay because we cannot all believe and accept the same things. These anti-technology people tend to live like in the olden days, that is, life without access to technology. I do wonder how they survive this seclusion because I would not like to live in such a place.

Anything that makes my life easier is acceptable by me. Technology does this for me, both physically and spiritually and therefore acceptable to me. I use my laptop and mobile devices to access spiritual resources online, my Bible app to study, listen to audiobooks and messages online. For those who print these spiritual resources like books, pamphlets etc use electronic printers and copiers to do this and send these resources out to people.

If there was no technology, these things can be done but it would be hard and people would not have quick access to them. I see technology as a plus to our world.

Thank you for reading my post.

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