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RE: Using the Grand Solar Minimum to facilitate the reset cycle & eliminate unwanted history (part 2)

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Thank you so much for sharing very interesting and well researched work in one place! Lots of these details I had gathered over the years but never tied them in a logical sequence.

I wish this piece could be translated into various languages so more people could access this information.

We are working against time, that’s how I feel. Most of my families’ members would not be able to take this information at all. The majority of people are still too comfortable with what the systems are feeding them. It’s good to find several well read people in this platform! So many smart and intelligent people with critical thinking capability here!

Best wishes.



The actions of our current controllers motivated me to put this together, so we really only have them to thank ;)

I totally agree most people are not ready for this information yet. They are still contending with the reality that we are slaves and our entire lives have been built upon a lie. They will likely never move beyond that point because it is super scary and perhaps even traumatic to acknowledge this. They would rather remain ignorant than face reality. Which is fine. We cannot save everyone.

That being said, I would not be able to forgive myself if I did not at least try! The price to pay for ignorance these days may well be death.

Still.... happy days!

Best wishes back to you and let us remain grateful we are not alone :)

Yup! I am glad to have found several people on this platform who are open minded and very well read. I have accepted the fact that we could not safe everyone. I have to learn to let go. The future is going to be quite tough.