ecoTrain QOTW s7.9: Which technologies have had a positive influence on your life?


Technology is more of an advisor to me, It is through technology that we have cars, and aeroplane, technology has really taken my life upward, with the use of cars, i can easily drive to anywhere, in a given point in time.

Cars Make distance shorter yet technology has not stop in astonishing me with new models of cars.



Cars Make family's trip safe, cars Make travels nice and it also encourages visiting one place to another.

If were still using our legs to go to places, I think so many people wouldn't be going anywhere, as trekking too much is tiring and time consuming.

Cars aids in making our journey short and sweet, something we would have taken a time longer, cars Make it shorter.

Cars also play a role in Reducing expenses to me then send me comfort and more relaxation by using my vehicle in going anywhere I like is, awesome!.


Yet, with the introduction of aeroplane, people now get to their destination, within a shortest time frame, aeroplane make it fatest ad nice to used in going to places.

The work of technology is of great importance to humanity, and I am grateful for all it has done to me, my friends and my family.