Ecotrain qotw season 9.4/ Do the right thing and we won't need to ask this question.


Ever since I saw this question I have sat to think about it critically just to make sure that I don't fumble as a result of answering this question.



We have had so many cases where people use Facebook, WhatsApp, TikTok, and so many others while the sermon is going on in the church.

This is a pure distraction when it comes to comparing the two as technology is taking advantage of spirituality.

Answering this question requires much concentration to make sure that one doesn't lay emphasis on one side leaving the other side untouched.

The question is tactical but plain and answers will be coming in tactical but plain ways.

I have read posts from other people who participated in answering the questions and the majority if not all agreed that the two exist and are leaving together.

I have been in a church where the sermon is preached by just one person all over the federation.

Sermon(spirituality) is a matter of the spirit but conversing with almost all people in a federation can only be achieved through one means and that is technology.

The world of spirituality has been greatly built making the practice easy for everyone.

There are cases when one will be down and will not have the strength to move from one place to another just like the case of sick people in the hospital who just tune their TV station to channels where they can easily commune with fellow believers not necessarily going to the center of worship to achieve this.

I would have said no to this question because so many people are captured with the enticing technology that has been built there by focusing more attention on technology while spirituality suffers on the other hand.

So many no longer carry hard bibles to the church, what they carry now is just their smartphones which contain various versions of bibles. All you need to do is just select the suitable one for your better understanding.

Right in that same phone, we discover other social media platforms can easily distract you from what is happening in the realm of the Spirit.

In this case, all one needs to do is just to be focused and one should know when to use, what to use and where to use all the apps on the smartphone and we will not have problems thinking if spirituality and technology can move or leave together.

Technology has also helped enhance the level of evangelism as people can just sit at the comfort of their houses to pass messages about the gospel and millions of people get that message also in the comfort of their vicinity.

Let's assume there was no technology. How do you think one will be able to pass messages to millions of people? It could even take more than a year trying to reach hundreds of thousands, not to mention having one million to talk to.

Technology has done a lot in the world of spirituality. Now imagine someone preaching to five to seven hundred people without a microphone and loudspeakers?

There will be a need for that person to always take menthol to always treat his throat, clearing it always and that same person might end up going home with severe headache as a result of much shouting and still trust me not all will get the message that is passed on that later.

But the presence of all these gadgets has made it, even more, easier to pass the goodwill message without much stress as the speakers can even pass the message to the last person in a crowd of 10,000 even if they are standing in a straight queue.

These two can not be overemphasized as they have done great in the lives of men.

All that is needed to be considered is the fact that technology can easily distract us and all that is required of us to learn to focus on the right channel.

Know when to use technology outside spirituality and when in the spiritual realm.

And we will not have an issue asking if they can leave together or not.