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Can Spirituality And Technology Live Together?

Spirituality is believing in a higher power thereby finding a connection deeply with our maker, which can be through prayer, meditation, fasting, etc.


Why technology on the other hand is using science in discovering human problems and providing a better solution.


Now to this week question above;

I think technology and spiritually already living together.

For spiritual people, technology has provided more ways to make their spiritual journey easier for them.

Take, for instance, there are many apps in the Google play store just a click away that can be used in meditation, most of the religious holy books are now stored in apps using technology.
I could still remember when I was little, the only way I could have access to my religious holy book was through the hard copy but now just with a click of a button, I have access to it two four seven as long as my phone is with me.

The storage of religious works does not even start now using technology but it is dated back from the stone age, people stopped using stone to write about their religious teaching and start making use of books. You see, spirituality and technology work hands in hand back.

Yes, our exposure to a lot of technology may draw us away from our spiritual life mostly because some things that people sit down and pray for in the olden days are now made available by technology. This still depends on the individual level of belief in the spiritual world.

But what I see is, the world is changing whether we like it or not, all we can do is to try and keep a balance between technology and our spiritual life. 'For those people who believe in the spirituality of course.'


Another very common aspect that technology has been making people advance in their spiritual life is this;

I was told that in the olden days, people will have to use their legs to walk for days or use donkeys 'for those that were rich in other to get to their religious city, like Mecca, Jerusalem, and others. And this will take days, if not months

But in the present days, with your flight ticket fee, it does no longer take that long and a lot of stress save.

Have you as well noticed how religious people are reaching more audiences, through preaching using technological appliances, like television, online streaming, social media, and so on?

To me this relationship is endless, and it has always been, right from time. Human beings are evolving both spiritually and technologically.

Look again at what happened during the lockdown across the globe, technology made it easy for connections between religious leaders and followers, people were staying in their houses and still worshiping through live streaming. This won't have been possible if this relationship was not existing.

Talking about live streaming, there was this elder woman from a Jehovah witness, who will always walk by at my honey store to talk with me about her beliefs. And one day I let her know I was kind of busy that won't be able to visit her worship center she was quick to let me know that, there are streaming programs I can always follow online just with a click of button. And that was put in place just because of someone who is occupied like me. With what said, I was able to check out their videos sometime just for a purpose to widen my knowledge about her belief and I could do that without living the comfort of my store.

I strongly believe this is just the beginning of what we are yet to see, between these two important human aspects.

Thanks you @ecotrain for giving us this deep thought topic again this week.

Thank you for your attention and time

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