How Harmful Plastics Are For Us?

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Hello ecotrain,

Its been a long day I last talked about some of the stories I shared with you, those stories were not only filled with courageous and energetic thrives of technology and social life, but these stories were more of inspirational for the people and scientists all around the world to work better and solve the toughest problems .

I wonder,how gracious all of these achievements are and in fact the science that is going on to reach out to all the people who need the assistance of it. Not only in the few elite people of the city, but including the marginalised people and the rural folks out there in the distant parts of the community.


Now, lets cut back to the personal life of mine.I was just reading a newspaper article and came to know that the worlds most lethal toxicity products according to their abundance on earth and the product which damages the earth mostly is plastic.Yes, plastic, you might be wondering why that is! Leaving aside some other dangerous chemical materials and painting and dying agents, corrosive substances to the lethal acids, why these arent on the top list, I am also wondering as like as you.But. there are in fact practical reasons behind that.Today,lets dive onto that..

Now a days, the global leaders are in fact trying to solve this problem, there are a lot of causes which make us really apprehended about the future of the world and specially where we are heading towards. There are vital reasons for that, I think we should have thought about the opposite sides of the picture about plastic usage.You wont find a city and country where the common citizens arent using plastic in their daily life. Todays commercial market is vastly dependent on it and though temporarily plastics do give us easy access to carry our goods, but it is a poisonous attempt,observing the whole scenario from a long point of view.


When I go to a grocery shop, they always hand me those products and food items that I buy, filling in a plastic polythene.Now, plastics are do made with polymeric reactions in the industries, which is low in cost and inxpensive,gives us heavy durability to use it long term and unlike all the jute fibres, plastic made polythenes dont biodegrade and people can use it for a longer period. But, vendors and super shop owners and industrialists are only looking for their own personal benefits, leaving aside the long term lose our mother earth and the soil is facing due to this.

The side effects are many to be told, it is a grest pity to say, a plastic due to its non-biodegradable property, bacteria's and decomposers cant mix it with the soil easily, it takes a thousand years almost to do that.So, now at the sheer pace with which we are using plastic,it is a neat estimation that the plastics would fill the whole earth tremendously and plentiful abundance of it would make the earth to lose its nomal balance and to be the underlying reasons for the species to be extinct for that. How grave it is, just when I imagine the scenario,😮

But, I know we must come to a solution, not for just save ourselves but our planet altogether . Time is really shrinking, if we dont do anything right now and be pragmatic to have the works done, it takes to reach the objective, then it would be very late. This should be a fight for all of us to just save us from getting extinct and save our planet.Man made causes are many, but let us not be a fool, to just be liable for our own downfall,cant do our own harms. This process seems to me a suicidal attempt,but I am still hopeful.

Let us work together and boycott the indiscriminate use of plastics and create a safe path for the world and the species to find a way of survival.Thats all for today, and I want to send a cordial love to you, be safe and healthy,and take care.God bless you all.

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