Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis:A Flower To Watch For Aesthetics, Medicine & Diet.

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Hello EcoTrain,

Warm welcome to all of you present here and doing excellent job by reading out and delivering contents here in this noble community. Sticking with the ideologies that this community imparts, we would do better to keep our environment safe and friendly enough for the animals and species. Making the nature greener and habitable is something where we need to have a look at and the more effort we would give to this, the better it would be for our planet Earth,for nature and everyone altogeher.
I hope, we would continue to make progress for the coming days and thats my wish for all of you.

Now, cutting back the main context, the reason why I came to write down is to introduce you with the a flower what you most often see in your backyard, in your home garden or in the nearby forest field where you visit for some times.I talked about my personal fascination for the flowers and as its only flowers that represent the symbolic aesthetics of beauty, so it would be part of fun if I note out some of the amazing scientific facts of the flower which i am about to write for today.Its about a special rose flower named as Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis,the clan name by which this flower is recognised among the Botanical Society of the world.


Lets learn some of the information and fun facts of this fairy flower.

Early Introduction:

If you have any learlearning acquaintance with the flower then yoi would know that Rose belongs to magnoliopsida family according to Botanical Nomenclature society and there is a nice classification for this flower.Plant classification is important only when you go for identifying a certain flower among a lot of flowers. The more you know about flowers the more you will understand the importance of these flowers and how they help us to provide the raw medicines that we need to heal our wounds and make ayurvedic ingredients to cure diseases. Classifications do look theoretecal but I guess,once you know and learn it, things would become easy for you to detect the original flower and evade mixing up wrong flowers.


Botanical Nomenclature:


External Morphology:

You would find it easy to differentiate for the fact that,its read in colour and very soft in outer layer, the colour is so charming and mind blowing that often you would fall in love for the flower and try to pluck one and carry it with you. These flowers would surely sooth your eyes and calm your nerves as you watch it with tender look.Its petal is red and soft and the phyllotaxies are yellow, with the distinction of hairlined placentation and valvate aestivation.
But normally, a charming flower all over to say, even if you dont understand the botanical language, still you would figure out the flower easoly for the capacity of the flower and redness.


Now, lelets have a look at the profitable part of the flower that you might not know about it.

Economic Importance:

Mainly this flower is planted only for recreational purpose, but do you know the beneficial part of it.Some of us dont really know why is is important in medicological perspective. Going throigh the epodemiological references you would be surprised to know that, this flower was once used to treat leprosy and infectious disease eradication and in Indian local treatment plan,ayurvedic usage is notably significant, even before the days of christ it had long history of clinical use.

Some of more usefulness I can recall are :

  • Usage of Haircode Therapy.Just like you dye your hair with chemicals and herbal products, in the same way, you can prepare a paste with which you can use it straight into your hair to find positive desireable result.By the process your hair will be stronger,more dark and black and long.Thats number one.
  • It reduces Hair Fall and hair damage, consistent use of it will be proven effective.
  • Rose extract can be used as a premium quality oil, proven as a nice ingredient for oil.
  • Mixture of the flower would drive out blood dysentry and effective medicine against piles disease.
  • You can add a flower piece petal to your diet,which would support your Gastro Intestinal Track to function smoothly and you would get an improved digestive system if you do so.


Now, lastly I would say to you,Rose is not just a flower which would provide beauty in your garden but it will help you to achieve your goals and benifit to fight out against some of thr diseases and possible remedies as a by product. Two set of beneficiaries available in this case like Hive, 😄, number one is you would help to make your home area greener and eco friendly, seccond are the aforesaid benefits.

Thanks For Reading.

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