Diversity :Supporting Nature, Human & Peace.

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Welcome to everybody,present here in this prestigious community of ecotrain, greetings to all the members, readers and authors who have guided this community to a greater extent.I wish the successive improvement of this community to grow, expand and shine in the future ahead.We are a strong unit, with the gleaming character of solidarity.

Rightly, as I am writing this blog to you, I am much of thinking the state of the society and the value that we as a team or nation hold. Of course, the cultural beliefs and ethical standards are different from region to region, ranging from the southern tip of the northern hemisphere to the west coast;there has been widespread practice of diversity.Yes, that is what making us to think about the situation prevailing currently at the time we are passing time,but with the usual way of living life, there are some concerns where I want to eye for, today.


Changing Diversity.

In one way,we have the variety which indicates we as a human race, more powerful for the property;with the precise gift of variety and difference, more of the significance lies in the context, that we are capable of solving problems from multilateral point of view; when we can assess something with a broader angle, then possibly we have the greater chances to find even more accurate solution, possibly which would lead to the accomplishment of a noble cause.

Great Example of Diversity.

We dont have to go to distant far back in the history to find the supporting grounds hereby we can find it in the recent past.We are passing off the covid era, the massive disaster -biggest combined threat faced after the world war;we seem to have been more resilient against the onslaught brunt of the disaster.

But, here is what, just halfway down the line of the year, we were struggling to find a possible remedy and a vaccine that would eliminate the virus.Since,no medicine and therapeutic treatments were by default failed to cure the communicative disease as usually, a greater need was compulsory to defend that.


Conjunction To The Vaccine Discovery To Diversity.

As it was a very dire and immediate need to find something which could find a solution against the virus, which took a lethal form and the emergency conditions globally -worldwide, then we somehow needed to work unitedly to study the method to produce antidote in the field of nuclear engineering, genetic studies and other branches to carry the laboratory research and they came out successful in finding the best method to derive the formula.

Contextual Theme.

Now, here is what to look around is the widespread methods been used, not only indigenous approaches but the technology and the ultra modern form of it had been used to come up with the crisis.Not only Asia, Europe, but Soviet Union and the Northern part of Europe, Greater America,Australia and major economic powers stood in front to defend the viral attack.

Now it wouldn’t been possible if diversity had missed from the sight, we came up with a meaningful realization and ended up discovering all the available and effective vaccines we see in the world.All of these vaccines came out in the doorstep of every clinic and hospital outlets, because the innovation journey of vaccines was shared among the nations. With the diversity, they worked unitedly and as a whole we could find a weapon to fight against the cannibal virus.


Now, what I learnt from the total observation is that, if we can be that much smart to be united enough to avail the techniques of diversiry, then there would be chances for us to improve more and secure the peace that has been missing for a long time.

With this annexation, I would say thank you for everything that has been given and achieved, with the effort and trial.Thanks for reading and I wish a happy thursday to all. Take care. 👍

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