Pepper Seeds, Frigid Cold, ARISS ISS SSTV Images And Award - Wednesday

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This is the week of cold and yesterday continued it. We started out the day at 7°F and actually made it up to 18°F for a high. There was just a light little dusting of snow but otherwise little else. I'm glad I have a door on our pantry, at one time in history it was a porch which then got enclosed. I have turned it into the pantry and with it this cold outside the pantry is sitting at 50°F, so the door helps keep that cold out of the house.


I went ahead and tossed some pepper seeds into some seed starting mix and have them in the tent. The heat mat is doing a good job of heating the soil, just the air in the tent is at 60°F so once I get some seeds to sprout I will put the little heater I have in to help bump up the air temps some. I figure I can always put the peppers up higher in the warmer air and leave the greens lower in the cooler.



A good part of my day was spent back and forth to the computer trying to record the ISS SSTV images. I have managed to get all 12 of them, though not the clearest, I have them. The last image I needed I got just a little bit ago, number 5 of 12 had eluded me until this morning. I tried to use my SDR on my antenna but I was only able to catch that the image I was getting was number 4 of 12 as the ISS went right over the farm. I managed to get the next image, the one I needed by using an SDR in Utah. The signal was a bit spotty but it was enough that I could get the image.


I got my award certificate in my email and now have achieved it 2 years in a row. Last year was the 20th anniversary but I didn't have my ham license yet so this one actually has my callsign on it.

Diploma 2021.png

During the day between my attempts at recording the signals I got started on my side of the bedroom and the closet. I got a good amount straightened and the bottom of the closet cleared out. I need to move the big shelving unit out to the living room so I can fill it with everything again temporarily.


Today I have to shovel the farm as we got another 2 inches of snow overnight. The sheep need a new bale rolled into their pen, I need to wash my clothes and likely the boys', more cleaning and organizing, and try to make room for our bison we will be getting tomorrow. Luckily it is so cold we can leave it sitting out (the freezer annex) until we make room in the freezers.

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Yesterday morning it got down to 1 degree here, high of about 16. Today started out at 7, but I didn't check to see how "warm" it got. Feels as if I am back in Minnesota again....except it's even colder there right now. I am impressed that you are starting seeds already!

@stryeyz is from North Dakota so similar. Vast expanse of wind swept tundra in the winter.

I am going to try and grow the greens up enough to have them edible this winter. I can grow in soil so will do half or 1 gallon pots for each and hopefully get some lettuce, kale, and spinach to grow.

I'll be interested to see how it works out for you!

How much weight is your bison?