ISS SSTV and TIMBER Tree Cutting -Thursday -Christmas Eve

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I waited until it tried to warm up a little bit first before getting to work. The first thing I did was don my spikes and belt to climb the first tree and wrap the logging cinch around it at about 20 feet high. This gave me a bit of leverage with the cables to pull nice and tight.


Through the chicken yard I pulled the cables and using a tree for the anchor I got my 2 come alongs attached. I fully retracted one and the other got the wire good and tight. I had a foot of difference in the top of the tree I had the wire that tight.


The taught wire running the 100+ ft across the farm.


The first cut was the stump that was a bit in the way. I cut it more flush to the ground before starting on the tree.


I gave the tree a good face cut and tried to aim everything just right.


With everyone behind me watching and videoing and taking pictures I made the back cut and the tree fell with a VERY satisfying THUMP. It ended up a bit off from where I was intending it to go but happily it did not really hurt anything.


You can see the wire on the left which is the line that I had hoped to have the tree fall on but you can see it went a bit astray. I had ample space though for it to fall and it was well away from the coop. The top of the tree fell into the pole bean garden but it fell perfectly so the top went between a pair of the posts.


In a quick 30 minutes I had the bottom 2/3 of the tree limbed and bucked. The tree was standing dead so it is perfectly ready to burn right now. After getting the bottom bucked I went in for some lunch and to rest my back a bit before heading back out to finish the top of the tree.


This is where the top landed, right between the poles. It didn't even hit the sheep fence, just touched it. After eating I limbed the top and bucked it up which went nice and fast.


The next to go was the little scraggly dead pine that was next to the stump. It had a lean towards the power lines, away from the studio and perpendicular to the way I wanted it to fall. So I got my spikes on again and climbed the little tree to get the cinch up 20 feet again. I hooked the cables all up again and the come alongs then pulled the wire tight. With the wire tight I cut a single back cut on the tree to over half the depth then I used the come alongs to pull the tree over.


It landed in an okay area and the top made it to the other end of the pole bean garden.


It was only a 15 minute job to limb and buck the smaller tree up which is nicely dead and ready to burn as well. There is a load of branches now that I will be able to put through my chipper. This will be the first solid run of it when I push this all through. I'd like to do a test with the branches to see how much I can get done in an hour as potential for bidding out chipping jobs this year.


I cleared us a path to get out of the driveway so we could go do our yearly holiday lights drive around Mead once it was dark. Today I am going to be moving all the wood rounds into the yard and piling the branches for chipping. I still have one more tree to take down of the group but it is not as imperative as these 2 were that were very dead.


I am super duper stoked to be almost getting clear images from the space station. If you go to you can find radios around the world that you can tune into and pick the 145.800Mhz frequency and as the space station passes over the signal can be picked up. With installed and opened when the signal is tuned in the program will decode the sounds into an image. This was my first partial success.

This morning I have gotten more and a few better images to decode working my own antenna and others around the world. This goes until the 31st if you want to try it. I'll be making a post just about this as it is so damned cool! This image came through a radio in the Altai region of Russia via which I decoded on my computer.

20201224_18.33.03WebSDR in Barnaul city, Altai region, Russia.jpg

It's Christmas and I have been up since before 5:00am trying to get these images from the space station, and there is still an hour or more before the boys wake up. After the gifts and it warms up a touch outside I will get to moving the wood in between my attempts at decoding a high quality image.

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