Grain, Ancient Freezer, Stem Night at School - Tuesday

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Second morning in a row I was out the door and on the road by 5am. I had a load of 10 empty barrels with me and I dropped 6 at the first brewery. It was rather dark in the corner but since I wasn't loading barrels I didn't need the light.


Next stop was to pickup 3 1/2 barrels of grain and drop 3 empties. I had a moment of panic though as I went to take the ramp off the trailer I found it was gone. I freaked a little and tossed the empties out of hte truck and quickly drove out to retrace my path. Luckily it was in the street on the block I was on. It had popped loose on the last corner and landed in front of the Davenport hotel entrance. I quickly grabbed it up and was able to get the barrels loaded. I had had the ramp strapped down a bit differently than normal so I know that's why it came off.


Last was to drop the single barrel off at the smallest of the 3 breweries before heading home.


I ma pretty good at my timing and have the round trip down to just over an hour, even making the 3 stops. @stryeyz was already up and soaking by the time I got home which was a bit abnormal.


Once the sun was up I shoveled out the 4 barrels of grain and spread them around the garden. I've got about a 1/6th to an 1/8th of the main garden left to cover with grain.


I actually manged to get over 1700 words written on my story earlier so I went down to the basement to check on a few things and inevitably got dragged into a project that has been sitting and waiting for me for 10 years.

This ancient chest freezer that is in the basement weights a ton and it has not worked in years. It had become a home for mice to store cat food that they were stealing. I've meant to get to taking it apart and hauling it out but have not had the ambition to start in on the project. It's getting to the point that we need the space upstairs so I am getting the basement dealt with.

First thing was to remove the lid.


Than the seal around the lip got yanked out which exposed shitty chip board screwed down. I removed the screws and the wood which exposed the inner shell's edge.


I made enough room to pull the thing out and tip it on its end. This gave me access to the compressor which after some cutting of copper tubing and removing a couple of bolts was pulled out and set on the floor.

The hard part is going to be fitting the stupid thing up the stairs and I am trying to lighted the weight as much as i can before trying. It will open up 10 sqft of floor space that is seriously needed.


The school had a STEM night where they had various stations for the kids to go to. We found out for sure that J is going to be in the gifted program that is now happening. It is a multi year pilot program and he is one of the first group to take part. It will give him a great chance to learn ahead of his grade level and will offer more advanced topics. He already reads at a middle school level in 2nd grade which has him WELL beyond most of his classmates.


The take it apart table was great as kids got to work at disassemble various small appliances. Both R and J have done a fair amount of that around here as it is. We were there the entire hour and both boys had a blast. They then dropped me off at home so they could go to bible study.


We are in the lull right now between storms and the next one will be snow a the temps have fallen once more.


Today will be working on the freezer some more and hopefully getting it removed, but that will take a lot of cleaning of the stairwell first, then I have to prep things for scouts tonight and once back from that get the trailer ready to go get grain again in the morning.

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I use an old refrigerator as a storage for potatoes

I had hoped to use this for the same but can't with the mice so easily getting in.

We used a huge dead freezer to store grain in the barn. It works excellently to keep mice out.

That is wonderful about J. He should enjoy the challenges. :))

It sounds like both boys will be in the program next school year as R starts kindergarten. J is getting to be in the roll out part of the program.

How very cool! An excellent start for them. :))