ecoTrain QOTW #9.4: Can Spirituality and Technology Live Together?


Dreams are spirituality world right? two days ago, i has had a dream where i was pushing a truck and each time i push a truck to the other ends i would be paid a certain amount of money for the work done, in that dreams i was not happy at all, i think if improving myself and not to continue with this kind of work, it would be better for me, but it was not easy for me to get what i wanted, with the amount of money i was receiving as my pay, because after every i would be left with a little amount of money at hand.



I wake-up and i was happy that it was just a dream, the first thing i did was to look for water to drink and get relax, i switched on the television, took it to African Magic, they was this movie which shows exactly what was in my dream, where a man who push a truck to make a living was Having to go through hell to have a three square meal for his family, and i have been hearing stories that what we Dreams sometimes are what is going to happen in our life's or the life's of our neighbors, firstly, it was a dream and now it a television.
Dreams is equal to spirituality.
Television is equal to technology.

A television is a product that is made from Peoples Ideals thinking, it was humans whose proposed the idea of making a television, and what we see in television can be what we see in real life at times, to this respect, dreams is the spiritual world and the television is the technology world, to get our spiritual world Into our physical world and it becomes something good, we should always follows it With prayers, if you can pray all the times, you can unlocked the things that were locked into your world, that is why i never joke with prayers.



Difficulties in the Humans existence brought about more ideal thinking being harness Into our life's, if the world is not facing any challenges they would be nothing like looking for alternative to make life good for everyone, that is why, every Hardship always bring forth a good opportunity to humans race. the television we used in watching movies and sports was not all that easy to come by, if we are to dig more and more, it would be revealed what the people who invented it went through to have this done nicely, but no one ever want to hear the bitter side, all what they want is the glorious side of it, but it is still nice anyway.

At times i see television as one of the magical elements, and to support this view, my belief is to the response, spirituality means, magical work which man itself have to dig under the ground to see the know-how, i used to wonder how easy it is to have a television made, at some point i began to see that Humans race needed it and man have to bring something like this to the world for the betterment of Humans race.