Can Spirituality and Technology Live Together?"

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Indeed the world is revolving around and I am quite sure that two years or more from now, technology will take over the world. It would be more of the visual than the physical communication but talking about spirituality and technology, they are two different entities and have their different roles to play in the world at large.

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Spirituality is connecting to the supreme being, it is the state of the heart with our God, so technology can never take the place of spirituality because it is individually based. If a man does not have a connection with the creator it is because he or she choose it that way. And for one to have such connection with the supreme being, one must remove all obstructions but that does not mean both can not live together.

In the days of the pandemic, when we were on total lockdown, the gathering of the saints would not have been possible without technology and there are many more instances that we've seen that technology has saved us the stress of days and has helped us learn things that we sitting down alone wouldn't have been able to learn them.

Technology becomes a problem when the people who are using it, misuse it and let it take over their time but both benefits are entirely different. The effectiveness of Spirituality would not be felt without the help of technology and in a way, technology has been of help and assistance to live in general, for me, spirituality would not have thrived to the point it has gotten to without technology.

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Now, this is my point, technologies are invented to people to help us, they were invented to help reduce excess stress and make life easier and enjoyable for every one of us and as such, we can't stay without technology but instead, we should learn to balance our spiritual life and that of our technology, we should have a balance of both because they are necessary and important in our lives.

We are human beings and need both to strife in life so my answer is on a probability, technology and spirituality can live if we make a conscious decision to balance our lives and not become slaves to technology because it was created for us and not the other way round.

Technology has nothing to do with a man whose spiritual life is dead because they choose not to connect. Technology has lived long before now with spirituality back in the days of our forefathers and why should there be an exception now?

The only difference between the technology of those days and now is the new infrastructure that is been put in to make technology buoyant and more modernized in this era. Technology has always lived and will continue to live.