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A different world is the only certainty, an uncertain future where we do not know exactly what is approaching us because the future is always a mystery, the great mystery of life is not knowing what will happen in the future, we can do certain things in the present that we believe to be useful to change the future but nevertheless, we will not be totally sure of the impact it will have in the future.

If we focus on different parts we can realize the change or evolution that has happened over the years. If we take a look at the cars we can realize that its evolution has been notorious because previously a few centuries ago the mode of transportation of people were horses, riding horses, then horses with carts, the carts were evolving in better models both in protection and beautiful to look at; especially for royalty or important people. After that, different means of transportation were created until reaching the modern, we can see that through the years we are getting used to new inventions created in order to give us more comfort, in the future (who knows if distant or not) we would already have flying cars created by great engineers and scientists to achieve better transportation. Already the electric cars are repopulating the planet being supposedly more ecological than the normal ones, helping to contribute to the world.

Not only cars have evolved, it is just a small example of so many things that have evolved over the years, it is more so that you can understand that if that have evolved in such drastic ways; in the future there may be changes beyond our imagination, maybe in about 100 years it will be normal that cars fly or that new means of transport are introduced.

Now, changing the subject of cars but also having to do a little with that topic, the climate in the future is something that many are concerned about, because due to pollution of both land and air can harm everyone, because through pollution of the land may be scarce trees, also with the felling and burning of forests open fewer trees that are of help to us for oxygen. People show their fear and interest in it but no one acts to control it. If they will remove a tree from a site to create houses or whatever, they should plant two more in another area to balance it. With smoke from companies or cars polluting the air and damaging the ozone layer, weakening it.

Depending on the behavior of humans with respect to their own health, it is said that in the future people will not even be 80 years old because from a young age they damage their own organism by consuming either by excessive consumption of carbohydrates, obstructing their veins, or by consuming drugs and/or medicines in high doses without medical prescriptions. Sedentary lifestyles can also be deadly.

The hunting of animals is leaving more and more animals in extinction, hunters do not realize the value that animals have for nature. If there are failures in any ecosystem, it may harm us in the future in one way or another.

I think that robotics will be much more involved and will replace the human hand. On the other hand, I think that overpopulation and abuse of resources may create a scenario in which we will have to look for a new planet to inhabit.

In my opinion they are some of the examples that in the future can have a great evolution, whether it is bad or good depends a lot on how we control it in the present. As I said before the future is uncertain, we can have an idea, but we don't know if it will really be like that. I just hope we humans don't self-destruct.

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