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There will come a time when technology is indistinguishable from magic. That time is coming soon. Even though technology has brought us a long way, since even 20 years ago, very soon what we have today will be quite antiquated. One of the biggest reasons for the very great leap in technology to come is the combination of quantum computing with artificial intelligence. We can not imagine the ways that these machines will be used to transform our lives and this world.

One very relevant example to today’s problems would be the ability of a quantum supercomputer like this to understand protein folding dynamics. Once a computer can predict the shape and properties of large proteins it will be able to create tailor made medication and vaccines in almost no time at all. This means almost perfect medication that can be targeted to very specific viruses, bacteria and cells, and even certain strains using DNA targeting. That means the end of incurable diseases such as cancer. This is just one small example. Imagine what a computer with almost infinite power compared to today’s computers could do. Imagine if it had access to the entire internet as a resource, which it will. Imagine if it has access to every weather station data, every sensor, every camera, every thing on this planet. Imagine if its programmed to learn independently and develop its own intelligence and ask its own questions!

So technology is certainly going to be as important in the future as it is today.. and judging by your many and varied posts on this weeks QOTW you are all already very grateful for so many things that technology has brought us.

Thank you to SO many of you who took part. I would like to share a few posts that really caught my eye. Its always such a treat to read your wise and wonderful words..

Have a great week all! And don’t forget to check back soon for the next QOTW!


Technology has undoubtedly brought benefits in many fields, not everything is rosy, but this time it is about seeing the positive, here there are many ways to see it according to the perception of each one, I remember the first time I saw a computer, it seemed so complicated, now it is complicated and even problematic not to have one at home, whether we like it or not, technology has become indispensable and is present in all fields, even in a minimal way, precisely about the benefits that we consider that technology has brought to our lives is the subject of the question in the community @ecoTrain (@hive-123046), here is the publication with all the information.



Hello everyone Ecotrein community, congratulations, it is a pleasure to greet you and participate in this dynamic focused on the magic of gratitude. My favorite topic for some time and what I am focused on now, because too much bad news is heard everywhere for us to also flood the platform of negativity, no sir, as I always say, the good is the majority but makes less noise. Let's make noise of the good things, of the positive, of the hopeful.....

At this time of my life, I am oriented towards the natural, seeking to be more and more free. But, as long as we are immersed in the system, we can use its tools to our advantage. There are technologies that make our lives easier and more comfortable, I think it is the most sensible thing to look for ways to adapt them to us and take advantage of them.

Talking about the countless advantages of the Internet would take us several posts. In fact, now in pandemic times, technology has become more essential than ever, especially when it comes to connecting and eliminating frontiers.



Which Technology Has Had the Most Positive Influence on My Life?

This week's ecotrain question really made me think. What technology has had a positive impact on my life? There are so many. The computer. The internet. The smartphone. These have all affected me in a major and mostly positive way.

My "Sleep" Machine!

However, when I think about what technology has made a difference in terms of my everyday life, and, without which I might not even be alive, I would have to say it is without a doubt my CPAP machine. CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure, but I think of it as my "sleep machine." To understand how it has fundamentally altered my life for the better, let's travel back in time.

Back in 2000, I was a 28 year old Harlow. I went to Ottawa for a job as a UNIX systems administrator with the ill-fated Nortel Networks fresh after graduation with my Computer Science degree.

Harlow Was Sleepy

I was a keen employee and a single mother, but I had a serious problem. I had difficulty staying awake. It was an insane amount of difficulty. I drank monumental amounts of coffee. I asked co-workers to kick me during meetings if I fell asleep, which I invariably did despite all the coffee. I took caffeine pills before driving home because I was terrified that I would fall asleep in traffic. I knew it was not normal, but I didn't know what to do.



Today man has made a lot of progress in science and technology. Now it is difficult to imagine a life without technology. It has made our life simple, easy, and convenient. New inventions have brought us a lot of benefits.
Mobile phone, TV, computer, internet, oven, fridge, washing machine, water dispenser, motorcycle, ship, train, bus, means of transport, everything has become possible with the help of modern technology. With the help of new types of medicines, medical equipment, it has become possible to treat complex people.

So as the question "Which technology have had a positive influence on your life?".

My answer would be "INTERNET" If we look around us, then we will see how easy life has become today with the help of the internet. If today's time is compared with the earlier times, then it becomes even more convincing that the inventions of various sciences have fully cooperated in making human life easier in the modern era. Internet is one of them.



Technological advances define drastic changes in life and this is evident in the contrast between life in cities accustomed to all kinds of comforts derived from the use of technology, from the most basic to the most complex: electricity, drinking water, wireless and satellite telephony, elevators, escalators, cable TV, computers, internet, smartphones and I stop counting, but there are more and more, and living in isolated and remote places anchored in a past where nature is queen and people depend on it to live.

In particular, I was born in a small village with little technology for the time and a lot of poverty. We had electricity, rationing of drinking water, telephony only in public offices and in some homes of people with resources. There was only one movie theater and television arrived when I was in elementary school, but only a few homes had televisions because it was an expensive device.

For a year or two, a good neighbor would call my siblings and me to enjoy children's television programs in the afternoons. Later on, and always as a precocious child, I was invited to watch the one o'clock soap opera, because I showed interest in dramas. I also remember that I loved to imagine the scenes of a Saturday radio program called "Life in song s", where the story contained in a fashionable song was dramatized.



A few years ago, you would rarely have seen me in front of a computer. I have always felt uncomfortable with the rate at which technology has advanced (and that's only what we have been told about, who knows what is actually possible right now). I felt that people were wasting their time, sitting in front of a screen, when they could have been outdoors, experiencing 'real life'.

Yes I was one of those people, who liked to complain, about how much time people wasted being indoors. I live the way I do, so that I can spend most of my time outdoors, being connected to nature, experiencing the elements, all of this is very important to me. So working on a computer was the furthest thing from my mind, it just never appealed to me.

Until, a friend of mine, told me about Steemit and how he had connected with lots of people around the world and was getting paid to share his life experiences.

I have always enjoyed writing, especially poetry, it has been such a wonderful outlet for me and has helped me cope with different traumatic experiences in my life.

My friend Mark, told me about @familyprotection and how it was helping to raise awareness about Child abduction by government services and also how there were various people who were writing about government corruption. On top of this, all the information shared, would be posted on the blockchain, where it could not be removed.



Technology has always been progressive and beneficial, it is just how we put it to use matters. There have been pros and cons for all the technology use, because at largely it is being manipulated and misused. Whether it is the invention of Radio, T.V., Mobile phones or any other gadgets it has been useful in so many ways. It is a fact that Technology has been rapidly advancing in the past 20 years and it is also difficult to keep up with the pace. But one needs to identify how much one needs and then get access to only that much.

Being away from family now makes Mobile Phone the most important instrument in my life. I remember before the invention of Mobile phones, overseas communication was always a challenge and not only the accessibility but the affordability as well. Today it is like talking next door at a very minimal cost. Even being away from the family I do not feel much of that pressure, because it is so simple to make video calls whenever you want.

The invention of Laptops make lives all the more simpler. Today I can work from any part of the world without worrying about accessibility. Work does not stop for me even if I am travelling.



Let me state clearly from the start that I will not be writing about any technology-related post. I could have said Welding Technology, I did a diploma after my engineering degree. I could have said research on Flux technology helped stand me out in the world of welding technology.

I could have written about Artificial Intelligence, Welding Technology, Fundamentals of Marketing, or various other engineerings, or research and development-related topics, but I am going to tell you how I benefited from learning about cryptocurrency and how it worked wonders for me.

Please keep reading if you feel it makes sense

Isn't it funny? I knew nothing about cryptocurrencies until last year. Then people who knew me suggested that I could earn money by writing. I was in contact with a British writer. She encouraged me (like many others) to write for more websites. I was also in contact with a Pakistani cryptocurrency writer that was constantly telling me to try websites that pay in cryptocurrency despite my unwillingness to do so as I knew nothing about cryptocurrency.




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Thanks for mentioning my post :)


Thank you very much for the mention and thank you very, very much for these questions that allow us to take a few minutes and think about things that perhaps we overlook because we consider them everyday or uncomfortable.


Thank you for the mention! These questions really make me think. Funny. I am about to go to sleep and put on my "sleep machine" as I write this.