ECOTRAIN QOTW: "Can Spirituality and Technology Live Together?"

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Can technology and humanity survive together as we know it to be today? A certain amount of detachment from what we consider to be normal may be needed to be able to truly answer this question. There is no doubt about it, the idea of having a microchip in my brain is horrifying, and yet for generations to come it is going to be a most normal and necessary part of life. Implants will become as important, if not more so, than the Internet and computers are to us today. You may have seen the downloads of languages and ninja skills in the Movie The Matrix, well all that and more is a part of what awaits humanity. This will, thankfully, all take time and i don’t think that we or our children will live to see the real shift that is about to happen.

For me at least it is quite easy to have a high degree of detachment from the world we live in today, and especially the culture, way of thinking, and many other things that we seem to share almost globally. I would like to see an end to many things, and a start to many other things. I believe that technology could offer the potential to live in a very different way. I don’t think many people can imagine what a world without money would be like, and yet that is eventually where we will end up. We simply won't need it, and within the not too distant future, technology will be providing most of what we need, in many shapes and forms, to live and be happy. Your personal assistant awaits you!

It is hard to imagine what this world will be like in two hundred years, but i am certain it will look nothing like it does today! Today’s culture lives in a kind of distracted trance, perpetuated by technology at the hands of very large companies. It would be very easy for technology to continue to be abused to the detriment of humanity’s mental and physical health, and that potential is not a pleasant one to consider. We already live in a dystopia, and yet at the threshold of great change. It is my belief that technology may hold the best chance that we have to be able to free ourselves and evolve spiritually into greater beings that we are today.

There are so many kinds of technology that it is hard to even imagine all the ways that tech may well be the lifesaver to saving our souls. There is one technology that, in time, will i think be the most profound and liberating technology that has so far existed, with more potential for humanity’s evolution than ever preceded it. That technology is space travel, rockets, and terraforming. Once humanity has achieved the ability to leave earth and start to spread out and live truly independent existences, only then will we really have the opportunity to explore who we are in ways that we cannot imagine within today’s paradigm of life.

The other most notable forms of tech that are upcoming are AI and quantum computing. I can not even imagine what these machines will think of when they are brought online, plugged into every sensor on the planet, aware of every person, location, and much more. Perhaps they will be so incredible that they will finally be able to educate us about everything and give humanity answers to all the questions we have yet to answer! Once that is done, we could then potentially start asking the right questions in the first place! These machines will change everything, and i can only hope for the better. There is of course great potential for all that to go horribly wrong!

I think there is a lot of potential for us to learn a lot more about our spirituality, courtesy of all the tech that awaits us. I only hope we keep our wits about us and do not become slaves to it, but instead use it to make ourselves stronger, and more independent. I guess we'll never know the answer to that one, but im watching closely today at least!

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There is no doubt that technology has has benefitted humanity in many ways. Surgical procedures have become less paingul, diagnosis have become easier, internet has brought feasibility in coutless ways. But with this advancement we also see the depression and other emotional disturbances have increased sround the globe.

Man has reached in the space but he is quite unaware of what is going on within the space of his house. A person becomes so involved in his/her gadgets that he cannot hear the voice of a crying child lying beside him. He cannot see someone in the same room isn't feeling well.

We have seen how the corona conditions have been utilized to take control over masses. I wonder who would stop the powerful fews to take control over the weakers.

It seems very difficult for the spirituality and technology go together in the centuries ahead, but aye, I have a little hope.