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RE: Using the Grand Solar Minimum to facilitate the reset cycle & eliminate unwanted history (part 2)

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Thanks Sam, you always have something interesting to talk about.
I have no doubt that politics (and elite agendas) have been influenced by weather and climate for a long time! I don't know if they could predict these things, or even fully understand them while they were happening (do we?), but I believe they capitalized on such events.
I recall reading that things like comets (which back then weren't yet known to be cyclical) were capitalized upon by charlatans of all types. Doom porn, miracle cures, you name it, the weirdos (and elite scumbags) would get up to their business whenever something celestial happened, because the common man had no idea what it meant, and could be made fearful.


Interesting you should mention comets because I didn't! Yes, there were two comets which preceded the plague & great fire of London, both of which were used by the media to get everyone expecting bad things. A classic Law of Attraction trick which is still used today in a more subtle way.

Perhaps in the past it was more commonly understood that our weather moves in cycles? If this fact hadn't been omitted from our education it would probably seem quite obvious to us too. I am not sure any more however if we are dealing with humans at the top of the chain here. More likely to be malevolent beings of some kind who are assisting key humans with the running of this show. When I look at how well they are playing the game today I find it hard to believes humans came up with this!

Hey, I finally got round to responding to your last comment under my onion post. A few links for your wife there and ideas from more current research.