Refining "The Virtual Mindset" For A Better Ecosystem

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Life is good and could be bad as well. life is awesome and could be unappreciating as well. No matter the way you see life; so it is to you. Hence the need to change your motive and perspective about life. We all live in a planet that conforms to a template laid down. The template is expected to be learnt and drawn reflections from. We just don't decide anything we like; but uses life reactions to weigh the possibility of what to get in return. So, Life is just the way we think it is and can be more than our human perspective as well.

Life is Principle-based and a law system which applies to all living beings on earth. We need the non-living matters of life to survive and this is the more reason nothing should be wasted. A used product can be recycled or converted to another finished product. Even we humans are proteinous in nature and an organic manure to boost soil fertility and plant growth after our demise. Life is a reality; but a mystery. Despite the configuration of the human nature, death supersedes. You only got the strength and have many options to break new grounds and conquer millions while you're alive, but there's a limit to life no matter how long we stay.

It is said that the human anatomy is the most complex system of machinery on Earth. No one can understand the full package or complete course of a man's (anatomical, physiological, pharmacological, biochemical and therapeutic) system. Just an organ takes a lifetime for proper studies and understanding. But there's an aspect of a man that controls his life experience and bring to existence the things we see today, which is "The Virtual Mindset" born out of our psychology.

Our planet is growing and developing day by day while technological advancement is on the increase as the world has grown more digital than analog. Despite these growth process, the human system and life expectancy is gradually declining. Many food products today are now genetically modified and salvaged unlike the natural food products consumed those olden days. The rate of bush burning is gradually becoming more rampant than normal while many soil regions had lost their original sense of texture and nutrient. Main lands are been left for cattles to graze extensively thereby resulting to the loss of soil fertility and nitrate to the air due to trampling and overgrazing. Top soils are being washed away by erosions leading the soil to leaching while ozone layers are been depleted on daily basis due to air pollution and green house effect.

Our waters are no more safe for aquatic lives as industrial and local effluents and oil spillage is continually discharged on River banks (Niger-delta region of Nigeria is an analogy). Most aquatic lives are dying on daily basis due to suffocation. Burning of fuel, tyres, bushes are increasing community risk and endangering human lives. Some who experiences constant power outage resorts to the use of generators causing air, land and noise pollution. All these activities are born out of our virtual mindset and effected on our ecosystem. So what are we expected to do for a better ecosystem?

  1. Stop Indiscriminate Felling of trees/ Deforestation
    Trees 🌲 serves as wind breakers and filters the air we breathe in. They serve as sheds for us and are expected to be maintained appropriately. The more the trees we have within our environment the more improved the quality of our health and hygiene will definitely be.

  2. Stop Oil spillage on river bank and bodies
    Oil spillage endangers aquatic lives and renders water useless. It prevents the flow of oxygen and thus resulta to suffocation of aquatic lives. Strict measures should be taken on ways to combat this menace.

  3. Avoid burning of tyres or fumes in areas where people are living. Be mindful of the climate and never do what will hurt another person at your convenience.

  4. Contact regulatory authorities
    In a situation where there's no one to help reduce the hazards within the confinement of community, it's better to notify the appropriate authority to help regulate and combat the unhealthy situation. Strict government policies help to regulate the rate of environmental hazard as well.


Remember, our ecosystem is incomplete without your existence, so we all have a role to play so as to effect a positive change within our community and the world at large. This can only be achieved by our joint effort through persistence and improved daily habit to prevent environmental hazard for a better climate and desirable ecosystem as resultant.


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some good tips, and the topic is important.. its hard to know what is in our water.. even if it looks clean it can be loaded with toxins and chemicals.. and thats if were lucky enough to have any!

What you've stated is true @eco-alex. Thank you for stopping by.