Common Lifestyles that defines You and ways to improve on it

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There are common Lifestyle that tend to make or mar our individual personality. Among which is the mode of our habits and attitudes to life. Your Lifestyle defines who you are. It ranges from the food you eat, mode of dressing, personality and character, the way you interact with people far or near you, how you think and so on and so forth.



Our lifestyle advertises us to people far and around us. One can pretend to be something he/she is not, but this won't last for a long time because our character is like a flame that can never be hidden or quenched regardless of how we conceal it. To this effect, I'll like to briefly shed more light of understanding on common Lifestyles we need to readdress as we progress in our daily life for a desirable growth and success.

1. Your Character



Character is what amplifies who you are. A person can be humble due to the fact that he/she is not financially made or stable, but once the person becomes self sufficient and financially made, then you'll be able to see the true nature and definition of his/her character. Good Character builds good relationship while bad character builds bad relationship. In the other way, it takes interactions to start a relationship but takes character to sustain it.

A person without a desirable character is like a container without contents. Our attitude to life circumstances and people, goes a longs way to define who we are in the real sense. So, there's a need to daily checkmate ourselves to ensure we do away with bad character and work uprightly for a better future ahead.

2. Your Personality



Though it's easy for one to work on his character, but hard to work on the personality. Our personality is our identity. No matter the situation, your personality still remains intact. The only thing you can do is to rebrand it. Change of personality takes very longtime to be effective. All personality traits are useful in one way or the other, but mind you, checking out your personality is very important as your life. Your personality is being built overtime based on your historical background or kind of way you were brought up. It has alot to do with genetics as well, and that's why is being regarded as a personality trait.

I believe most people love privacy, while few others don't like living alone. Some are extrovert while others are introvert. Some people are domineering in nature while some others are recessive in dealing with people and situations. Some people doesn't tolerate situations while some do tolerate, some people hardly says "I'm sorry" even when they are at fault while this word has become a lifestyle or anthem to some others.

3. The Food you eat



There is a popular saying which goes that "You are what you eat". It's quite unfortunate that many people today are living unhealthy lifestyles thinking it's enjoyment. Drinking at least, a glass of water 30 minutes before meal in the morning is a healthy way to start up your day. Frequent Exercises after hydration goes a long way in keeping you fit for the day's activities. Taking more of fruits as diet before meal is great for activating your enzymes for proper digestion of food, while eating your meal in moderation is as well, healthier for your health.

Many people today are obese, some are fighting diverse heart diseases and heart complications, stroke, dysentery, cholera, typhoid, anemia, gouts, jaundice, diabetes and many more due to unhealthy feeding and sedentary lifestyles. Some people from diverse countries ignore healthy meal or recommended diets due to their tradition or culture such as adding fish to their meal, taking vegetables and so on. It is very important to note that our mode of feeding goes a long way to better our living.

4. The Kind of friends you keep



The kind of friends you keep will also determine the kind of lifestyle you will definitely have to live if time is not properly taken. A saying goes that "show me your friend and I'll tell you who you are". The kind of friend you keep have a way of influencing you. So keep good and productive friends to have a productive lifestyle.

5. Dressing



A popular saying goes that "the way you dress is how you'll be addressed". Your mode of dressing defines who you are to people around you. There are different mode for dress for different settings. It's not ideal to wear a ceremonial attire in an official environment and vise visa. Indecent dressing has made many lose their respect and as well, lost vital opportunities as well. So, imbibe the habit of dressing decently and see yourself given the desirable respect and honour you deserve in wherever settings you find yourself.


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