Ecotrain Qotw: can spirituality and technology live together?

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Technology and spirituality are somewhat alike because back in those days, our earliest father's were living their life base on spiritual healing, never at times do they consider anything rather than spirituality, and it did not for once disturb them, if their life was a waste life or if they were wasting time doing something which would have taken a little time in an hundred time interval, life to them were happily and manual, which is what everyone came to realise, but now, we decided to change it and brought in an unknown elements, (technology ) is true we are having things done in an easiest way and so on, but, have you ever think of the wrong side of it, (technology), I think the importance is still in line with demerit, it also has a large amount of demerit in our life's.



Check for example, competition is much higher than how it was before, companies easily compete with another, they do everything in their power to make sure that their opponent are not succeeded in the same line of business, why is this all that possible, is because, all the activities undertaking by that companies is opened for them to see, and why do they see the activities of their opponent easily, it is because of the technological devices, manufacture everyday by man.

But if it was when Manuel work was always in play, much competitions would not always be issue as it is today and more challenges would not have been made, the second thing is, individuals also compete because, the social media also posses a troublesome negative mind in human nature, it was really bad at my own point of view, seeing someone who got angry because he sees his friend, wearing a fancy dress and he want it also, I see it that he was really eager to get it, but to put ourselves in another person's shoes, without thinking how many days it took them to get to where they are today is not normal.



This are always one of the reasons why the introduction of technology to our world is something I have to think otherwise at times, but everyone's minds is occupied with this technology world and if a poll should be issue a greeter number would rather said yes to it, and no business can ever be compare to that of online, anything that is done online now would greatly succeed because people's minds are mostly targeted on the online platforms than the physical world.

The way I am seeing it is, in more years to come, more advancement would be added to our world, but no one has ever think of what and what would be the outcome of the advancement, I also tried to see a world without the technology at times, because with all the things that took place now due to the competition cause by the introduction of the technological devices, I think life would be better than this, because if at all, we didn't acknowledge this method, more suffering wouldn't be make in the world and people would be minding their own business and do not compete with one another which would on the other hand be a problem to them.


For true spirituality you will definitely have to get away from technology. There's no way around it.

Spirituality is not a sense, or a philosophy or a sense of connection with the Cosmos/Divine/Nature. It is actually connecting with it. To connect with it we must remove all obstructions.

The only thing technology has given us is the illusion if power/knowledge/accomplishment via the convenience of speed. It's all fictional.

One can say we have evolved our consciousness with the wave of technology, but is this true when we have truly lost touch/connection with life itself, to the point where we can't even remember a damn number?

So the answer to your question is...