ecoTrain QOTW #9.4: Can Spirituality and Technology Live Together?

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Aspect of Spirituality

The world is a mystery and can be confusing when things are going abruptly, we should know that, before anything takes place in reality there's a foresee or a vision about it that already took place in the spiritual realm, you know the saying that the “spiritual controls the physical” right? Other things could be perceived as successful like a strategized plan or just a thing out of ordinary luck!
How spirituality affects someone's life is subtle and viable, this would reflect both physically and mentally.
Individuals may have a profound definition to this term “spirituality” to the best of their knowledge, for instance in Nigeria back in the old days in the southeastern part of the country basically “the Igbos” they so believe in “AMADIOHA” A Deity (the Arusi (god) of thunder and lightning ) which they pray to morning and night seeking for protection against foes, seeking for the fruit of the womb, they also seek counseling from the chief priest who is the mouthpiece of the gods, and also to carry out duties and instructions given by the gods. Now this implies there's a recognition of a feeling or sense or belief that there is something greater than yourself like some sort of divinity one can run to in times of distress. This is a group of some person's aspect of spirituality. you want to read more about the Igbo deity click here

For instance, a category of persons are into this belief of being spiritually inclined based on herbs and items such as seeds, leaves, water, and so forth(natural phenomenon) for healing, cleansing the spirit from the bad aura, negativity, and strange forces, purifying and breaking inherited/generational curse then upliftment of a spiritual position to a higher one... that's more like herbalist and am sure it involves a high level of spirituality...To this set of people that's their explanation of spirituality.

Also, most of us attend church services perhaps in our various homes to worship, praise, and pray to God!... that aspect of praying to God even if it's through praises and worship, that act being performed is communicating with God which is also spirituality! Of course, it's a spiritual exercise talking to a supreme being!

The word “spirituality”, I find it difficult to explain accurately though I would say it's a way of practicing some religion, rites, and culture in service to divinity in heaven, earth, and beyond.

So I made some research about in wikipedia it's described as

Spirituality can be defined generally as an individual's search for ultimate or sacred meaning and purpose in life. Additionally, it can mean to seek out or search for personal growth, religious experience, belief in a supernatural realm or afterlife, or to make sense of one's inner dimension.

In Giovanni's words he said;

spirituality is a worldview and a way of life based on the belief that there is more to life than what meets the senses, more to the universe than just purposeless mechanics, more to consciousness than electrical impulses in the brain, and more to our existence than the body and its needs.

Spirituality by Giovanni states that above...

Exactly there's more to life than what meets the senses these things are somewhat mysterious and deeply revealing, it's something that seems easy but it's a mystery that can't be solved using our common sense and it will always remain a mystery to humankind. It's obvious to me that in reality, the spiritual realm controls the physical, I would explain why;
During my stay in my uncle's place, I had a short vision about someone who was close to me but not so close to me, normally I don't dream about someone but once I have a vision about anyone it's bound to happen.
She is in my age range but her elder sister was my mate, that very night roughly around 2:34 a.m I had a vision about her, in that trance, she had a drastic accident that took her life instantly. Immediately, I woke up and prayed against it, reminding God that she's my friend and I don't want any harm to befall her, after that, I slept again.
Two weeks after I had that dream, she came back with serious injuries and bruises all over her body, I questioned her about what happened, she said and I quote
“Cesca, how it happened I still don't understand but I thank God for saving my life, according to a few people who brought me to the hospital I was unconscious but breathing”

And other things I have experienced too came into reality, what else would I need to confirm that this spirituality is more like where we need to learn about ourselves and pursue our destiny.





Aspect of Technology.

With the invention of robots, activities done by a human being are carried out by a robot with just one command which was programmed that way!...this is purely technical at its peak! In this aspect, there will be an easy and smooth division of labor.
These aid individuals, allowing them to do other tasks that are supposed to be executed at a specified time frame!

Everyone experience life in a different dimension and that's why it's important to not compare your life journey with another's, individuals response hits different, of course, it could be similar but it can never be almost the same as yours, a simple question can cause lots of argument for one person, to another person it's just a funny question, to another, it might be intimidating and very chaotic and so many different reactions just from one question!

Spirituality and technology can't and can live together although in my perspective view they're like a double edge sword or should I say they are like the two opposite sides of a coin any side tossed are how the victim lives his or her life, if you toss the spiritual side of the coin, you get to live your spiritual life with a profound and intensive decision and everything that revolves around you involves spirituality even your thoughts, actions, and opinions!

At the same time, the same thing is also applicable to the other side of technology, I have met with individuals who are not religious or does not worship religion (secular) and those who don't believe in God (atheist) what they know is that the power of technology can solve almost everything that is desired and acquired and they too believe in technology based on facts, experiments and empirical judgments.

Now see reasons why I think spirituality and technology can live together!

1️⃣ Technology aids spirituality in spreading or preaching the word of Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism faster through devices such as phones, tablets, and laptops with the help of the internet/worldwide web.

2️⃣ Technology and spirituality can live together when there's connectivity using a projection screen to watch the service of songs, praise, and ceremony happening in a large auditorium for the audience.

3️⃣ During the pandemic, there was an authorized sanction that everyone should celebrate their religion through online service or mass, tithes and offerings were given through ussd codes and people practice every instruction given during the online service in their various homes and there's a connection between spirituality and technology.

4️⃣ Technology assists in collaboration to the manifestation of reality through spiritual exercises are it is a dream, trance, or prophecy.

5️⃣ Technology also aids in spreading important announcements to the public to avoid circumstances that are to be prevented!

6️⃣ Technology assists in updating biblical applications, games, and bible word quizzes which will enable a believer to follow the path of his religion properly and develop a reading habit of scriptural verses.

7️⃣ Unlike how research about spirituality is been made in this article, technology improves our knowledge about our history, past, and old traditions.

I think otherwise that technology can aid spirituality in some aspects of life, so therefore spirituality and technology can live together but in a balanced ratio.


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Technology aids spirituality in spreading or preaching the word of Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism faster through devices such as phones, tablets, and laptops with the help of the internet/worldwide web.

With all scenarios you have mentioned, I can support too that technology and spirituality can go together to help aid humans' lives and live meaningfully if used in the right way. There must be a balanced so none would lose its advantage.

Thanks for sharing your view on this

Exactly there should be balanced in both to avoid circumstances that would cause havoc.. thanks for stopping by

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