maybe if we built GOD into a computer algorythm there will be more hope for humanity and less suffering?

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Ive felt really fortunate to be born into a western paradigm, to be given a British passport that has allowed me (up until the last couple of years) to fly around the world and do whatever I want, to be able to have access to buy technology and learn about things that have greatly improved my life.
Still im very aware of living in a fixed and corrupt paradigm where the big players of multi billion dollar companies are running the show, where the divide between the elite and the middle to lower classes are becoming more extreme and that we live in an illusion of wealth when in fact the majority of people are living from pay cheque to pay cheque and occurring vasts amounts of debt. Then compare that to the rest of the world

According to the internet:
About 9.2% of the world, or 689 million people, live in extreme poverty on less than $1.90 a day, according to the World Bank.Aug 23, 2021

But I feel like these statistic grossly under estimate extreme poverty being those living on $1.90 is not alot! not even in India or Indonesia, the cost of food and clothes is ever increasing whilst wages are not.

The article goes on further to say that:
Most people in the world live in poverty. 85% of the world live on less than $30 per day, two-thirds live on less than $10 per day, and every tenth person lives on less than $1.90 per day.

With inflation at record rates, only history has showed us more suffering is to come and I believe the cause of most physical suffering is due to wealth distribution.


Right now i'm living off 100 euros a week, which works out to be $16 USD a day to cover my food and bill expenses and i'm only just scraping through, I worry about money, despite trying to practice money mantras and positive mindset, despite watching video after video about how to run a successful business online, but the reality of executing it and being successful, I seem to fail time and time again. The reality is despite my western privilege I'm still living on a relative poverty line.

Of course it is not comparable to extreme poverty that I have seen all over the world, much of which has been caused by imperialism and in turn I feel much white colonial guilt but at the same time I did not cause this problem, its the bigger intuitions and powerful elites who have created this paradigm.


So to answer the question of the week set by ECO TRAIN, if there is a GOD why is there so much suffering in the world?

but i'm wondering... if there wasn't a GOD would there be less suffering in the world?

Many of these people who are supposedly God loving people created this shit show. Look at the Vatican church for example their power and wealth goes into the billions. An article recently published that the catholic church was worth $30 billion in Australia alone.
If you start to dig into the history of the Vatican it becomes very shady, just go back to the times when they were selling Indulgences to save your soul, since many people believed they were going to hell when they died, and since many of these people were living a life of suffering, they were hoping for a peaceful afterlife in the heavens, and wanted to reduce their afterlife sufferings by paying for forgiveness. And of course the church profited nicely of this spiritual scam and many of these scams just continue on today.


And due to this shady history surrounding spirituality of all kinds with manipulations and scams, its no wonder to me that people began to declare GOD is DEAD but clearly the rise in Athesism has not entirely improved the lives of the people.

However I do believe that technology provides us some hope. Its a funny situation in that we are in some ways GOD, we have the power to co create as a species, we have been tinkering with technology since the dawn of civilization, we have been manipulating food, to increase yields, allowing us to cultivate and in turn giving us more time to expand our minds.
Now we live in a technological age where we are creating super computers to do the work efficiently for us. Right now high frequency trading bots are creating vasts amounts of wealth from speculative assests. People are pioneering robotics to replace humans so we don't have to expose ourselves to life threatening situations.

I'm starting to see a future of a kind of authoritarian Utopia, where we will own nothing and be happy.

Because the power of the information internet age is interesting on the one had we can connect and expand our minds, on the other we are constantly experiencing a censorship in order to 'protect' people. And on the one hand this can be good for cleaning out the stuff that brings us down as a human race on the other we are loosing some freedoms.

I also see a transferal of wealth is happening and that we are going to start seeing micro community economies and the rise of WEB 3, we will be living in the metaverse and owning digital goods, which again may have some benefits to humanity, as we reduce the amount of physical goods, then maybe we will reduce alot of waste and suffering.


SO yes we live in very interesting time, we have gone from the age of pisces into believing in GOD, a mysterious entity that is outside of ourselves, who we must serve, love and rever, this GOD can touch us with its holy spirit and connects us in some mystical way, in a land of dreamscapes and visions.
And now we are entering the age of Aquarius where we become the GODs creating technology that will SERVE US, the imagination becomes reality within the capabilities of the technology it becomes more tangible and is no longer mystical, anything we desire can be created with some code.

SO in this future where we are GODs we must then turn to ourselves and ask why we continue to create suffering in the world and how we plan to resolve that. Instead of crying out helplessly asking GOD why this is happening,why has GOD allowed this?

Finally we are starting to take measures into our own hands (or the hands of computer algorythms to solve our problems) to create a future of less suffering.

What do you think agree, disagree? feel free to expand in the comments section.


as we reduce the amount of physical goods, then maybe we will reduce alot of waste and suffering.

This is very true and I'm positive we'll definitely get there with time.

Alot of people exist now that own nfts but has no physical asset. This will further increase with time and your physical assets might just be 10% or less of what you own in the virtual world.

We are now becoming Gods because now we are making things easier for humanity compared to before. Everyone can now benefit from web3 without going to anyone for help. That's just amazing.

The past is the past and now we are more focused on the future goal which is to make technology a part of us and help is achieve more that we've ever done before.

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there's no going back now technology is already here and the future is feeling very now. I'm glad you feel positive about and I hope the re-distrubition of wealth continues

There's no going back for sure,the only way is forward.

I hope the re-distrubition of wealth continues

I hope so too.

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Have you ever heard of John Calhoun's Universe 25 experiment? This article gives a good overview of this mouse utopia experiment and some rat ones he did before. I guess you could say he played god for those mice, to bring them everything they needed to live, but it seems life doesn't thrive for long without some form of adversity.

I keep coming back around to balance when it comes to these things. We need something to believe in, whether it be a god or a purpose, but we don't necesarily need our lives to be perfect.

so true in my hardest moments i swing back, everything is energy and it oscillates

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You are right, everything is in our hands to change for the best. We shouldn't blame the god or anyone else. We are the fault of all this. You can also read my post about this topic : The suffering doesn't mean the absence of God !.

thanks, do you have discord btw?