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Yes, balance! I tried to maintain balance. Focusing on everyday life is the solution, especially for those like me who increasingly feel the sand in the hourglass draining away. You speak of the increasingly sophisticated and accessible new technology designed to work for us, to help us, to save time. Unfortunately, it helps us to consume time, if we are not careful. I, fortunately for me, have given up social networks, again, fortunately, I have a few friends, friends for decades and I don't communicate through networks, only by phone, which remains a necessary (time-consuming) evil.
The cure in nature is wonderful, for those who can have it. I think it also comes with a bit of alienation if the balance you speak of is not maintained. The same alienation that can intervene in anything too much!

I speak from an old man's perspective when I say that I am worried for the young ones, who are settling into life now. They are addicted to technology, you can see it from an early age and most young people are already taken. Unfortunately, a lack of culture can in no way be replaced by a lot of (external) information they have access to... Personality, morals, sensitivity cannot be copied, they have to be built.
I think I've already lost the string and the idea, please forgive me! I'm glad to see how you look at this subject, you are much more coherent than me. I wish you a well that you never get bored of!


You are so right when you talk about the young ones and the children...
Their imagination and the way they learn to think is so much affected nowdays in ways that we can't predict. What I say is mostly what I hope that will happen :) Our brains haven't changed so much during the last thousands years since the first Homo Sapiens, we are like computers having new programs but working with the old hardware. All the info is still in our cells. Sounds very romantic, but I think it is not crazy :)

Old friends is one of the most precious things in life, you are so lucky!

we are like computers having new programs but working with the old hardware.

A very good comparison! ..., but unfortunately, many people don't have access to the new programs and don't understand anything anymore, except instincts and the false impression that they understand.

I'm so glad we feel the same way about friends!