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Climate change is something we all should be aware of but sadly, a lot of people are ignorant about it.


What is climate change?

This is the long term alteration of the temperature of the earth surface.

For most of it, it is largely caused by human.
A number of things are responsible for climate change and they include; deforestation, use of fossil fuels, increasing livestock farming, use of nitrogen fertilizers and use of fluorinated gases.

Fluorinated gases are the Chlorofluorocarbons used as refrigerants.

Actions that can reduce these activities will in turn help combat climate change.


A lot of ignorance about climate change is rampant in my local area. Even I as a person was ignorant about it until my final year when I had to read about greenhouse gases and it's effects as regards climate change. I only read it because I needed to know about it to pass my final exams.

Actions that need to be taken to stop, fight or combat climate change requires different approaches.

In my country, actions or laws passed are only for the people in the low and middle socio-economic class. Those who are at the helm of affairs don't go by those laws and this is one of the problems of the country.

This is why you can see a president wake up and say that a snake ate a certain amount of money and go unpunished.
It is also worth noting that most of the people who are in high positions are somewhat responsible for climate change in my environment.

They are the ones who own industries, they are also the ones who turn on generators for countless hours.

But are the poor people exempted? Of course not.
The poor people are the ones who dump refuse, burn refuse, use old cars that emit bad chemicals.

That being said, actions that can combat climate change in my local area need to follow certain criteria and these criteria include

  • it must be simple
  • must be enforced
  • must be incentivised

So let's dive into some of the few actions that can help combat climate change.

1. Education.

Like I earlier mentioned, I was ignorant about climate change. Educating the public about climate change and factors that worsen it should be done.

2. Enforce laws that will help combat climate change.

Climate change will not just happen if the people in my country are educated alone. Some people will need to be forced as they might not relate to it.
Laws regarding climate change should be taken seriously and followed to the letter.

3. Government should make living conditions better.

In Nigeria, the power supply is terrible. The alarming thing is that the country can afford to run on twenty-four hours light but somehow somewhere corruption is the order of the day.
The people at the helm of affairs are big shareholders in companies that manufacture generators and so will not do anything to jeopardise their investment.

Running generators is one of the few things that is contributing massively to air pollution in Nigeria.

I guess that will be all from me now.

In all, I think we should be the change we want to see.

I think combating climate change starts with us as individuals.

Actions like limiting the use of fossil fuels, indiscriminate dumping of refuse will go a long way in helping combat climate change.

Thank you for reading.


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